How do I sign my child’s Deed Poll? - UK Deed Poll Office

How do I sign my child’s Deed Poll?

You should sign your child’s Deed Poll at the place indicated near the bottom of the page.  If your child’s other parent is also signing the Deed Poll, and you ticked the relevant box on application, and provided their address, they should also sign at the place indicated for them.  If your child is 14 years old or above, there is also a place on the Deed Poll for them to sign.  This is because, when children are old enough, their signature may provide further evidence of their agreed intention to be known by the new name, and this may be of further benefit when requesting organisations to update their records.

Your witness should also sign your Deed at the place indicated, and also add their address and occupation.  Full instructions on execution (signing, dating and witnessing) of your Deed will be sent to you with your Deed.  For more information, please go to the Deed Poll Information list at the top left of this page and click on Signing/Witnessing/Execution.