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Adult Deed Poll

Step 1 => To Apply for your legal change of name, please fill out the Deed Poll form below and pay securely with Paypal/ Credit Card.

Step 2 => Once we have received your order we will process and send it out to you on the same day via Royal Mail 1st Class.

Step 3 => Upon receiving, you need to sign, witness and execute the Deed Poll in accordance to the guidance notes supplied with your order kit.

Select how many additional duplicate copies you will need

Please note that you cannot use photocopies of your Deed Poll when changing your name - original duplicate copies must be used for it to be accepted. We recommend at least 15 additional copies, click here to find out why.

User Details

Step 1 - Current Name

Step 2 - New Name

Step 3: Main residential address

This address will be there on your Deed Poll document and is also where your Deed Poll will be sent to.

Billing Address

Important: Please make sure that your Billing address matches the address that the Payment card is registered to

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