The rules for changing your name after you enter into same-sex marriage are exactly the same as for a heterosexual couple. Please visit our “Marriage and Civil Partnerships” page to review this information. You will also find the corresponding FAQs for details on the circumstances in which you will or will not require a Deed Poll to change your name after marriage. The UK Deed Poll Office proudly supports the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) communities, and it’s our honor to assist you in changing your name should you require a Deed Poll. Please find below two of our most commonly asked questions in regard to same-sex marriage.


I'm entering into same-sex marriage, and I want to take my partner’s surname instead of my original surname. Do I need a Deed Poll?

If your marriage certificate already shows your new name then you will not need to apply for a Deed Poll. As long as you want to simply change your surname to be the same as your partner’s current surname (and this is reflected in your Marriage Certificate), you will not need a Deed Poll. If you wish to obtain a new passport, you will need to send your current passport, your original Marriage Certificate, and a letter outlining your required change of name to HM Passport Office. You may also be required to send along additional documents specified by HM Passport Office. Other record-holders may not require a letter outlining your change of name; however, if you have already obtained a new passport, in many cases a copy of your new passport (in addition to your Marriage Certificate) will be sufficient evidence of your change of name.

I'm entering into same-sex marriage, and my partner and I would both like to double-barrel our surnames. Do I need a Deed Poll?

Yes, you will both need to apply for a Deed Poll in order to change your names. Once you have your Deed Polls, you will both need to send them (along with your original Marriage Certificate and other required documents) to all relevant record-holders, and ask them to update their records. Ensure that you keep the original Deed Polls with your original Birth Certificates and Marriage Certificate. We advise that you order at least 10 duplicate copies of each of your Deed Polls. This way, you can both quickly notify all relevant record-holders of your changes of name.

The UK Deed Poll Office is not a government agency. Our function is purely as a document provider for the self-declaration of an unenrolled deed poll. We are here to assist in your name change journey, as we have done for over 100,000 UK residents.


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