Info on Changing Your Name Back to Maiden Name | Widowed

Info on Changing Name Back to Maiden Name for Widows

In most case, a deed poll is not required when a woman simply wants to change her name upon being widowed to her maiden name. Usually, marriage certificate and husband’s death certificate certify the name change and act as a valid evidence.

However, there might be a requirement of deed poll where the death certificate of husband and marriage certificate are not accepted as evidence (e.g.: financial institutions). In addition, marriage certificate displays her maiden name to be accepted as a documentary evidence.

A deed poll is definitely required in case a woman wished to change her surname to something else except for her maiden name.

How to apply

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Once we have received your order we will print your Deed Poll and have it sent out on the same day via Royal Mail 1st class completely free of charge within UK.
Once you have received your Deed Poll kit, you should get it signed and witnessed in accordance with our guidance notes supplied to you with the order kit.