Can I change back to my maiden name before my divorce has been finalised?

The simple answer is, Yes.

If you want to revert to using your maiden name prior to receiving your decree absolute, you can update your records by applying for a Deed Poll with us and following our simple procedure to change your name.  Please be aware that until the date of your decree absolute, you must still state that you are married, for instance, in any applications for credit, loans, or insurance.


If children are involved:


If your divorce has been finalized and you have a decree absolute and you want to revert to your maiden name, you will not normally require a Deed Poll to change your records with all relevant bodies; if you simply took your husband's surname after your marriage, you will generally have enough evidence if you can show your decree absolute, your original Marriage Certificate, your original Birth Certificate, and a signed statement that you are reverting to use of your maiden name for all purposes.  However, if your married surname was double-barrelled, or some amalgamation of your surnames, you will need to apply for a Deed Poll to change your name back to your maiden name.

If one of the documents specified above is missing, you can also change your name back to your maiden name by applying for a Deed Poll with us and following our procedure.

If you do not have your original Marriage or Birth Certificate, you can obtain a replacement from the General Register Office.  The current fee for each Certificate is £9.25 and you can apply for them online.

If you are going through a divorce or have completed it, but do not want to revert to use of your maiden name, and would rather change your name to something new, you will need a Deed Poll.

If you want to simply revert to using Miss or Ms, you will not need a Deed Poll, as your title is not used as evidence of your identity.  In fact, your passport does not, in normal circumstances, state what your title is.

For further information, please go to the Deed Poll Information list at the top left of this page, and click on "Divorce/Separation".

The UK Deed Poll Office is not a government agency. Our function is purely as a document provider for the self-declaration of an unenrolled deed poll. We are here to assist in your name change journey, as we have done for over 100,000 UK residents.


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