Scottish Names for Boys

September 15, 2020

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Scottish Boys Names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Scottish baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Scottish sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Scottish names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Scottish names.  

1. Adair

The name “Adair” was the Scottish name of King Edgar of England, who ruled during the 10th century. The name itself means “fortunate and powerful”, which are wonderful wishes for a young boy’s future!

2. Blair

“Blair” is a unique, unisex name that means “dweller on the plain”. Originally, the name was used as a surname, but over time it developed into a very cool first name.

3. Walter

The name “Walter” is a timeless and a classic boy’s name that means “ruler of the army”. It was also the name of the famous Scottish poet and explorer, Sir Walter Raleigh.

4. Ray

“Ray” is a name with Scottish origins that means “roe or female deer” in the Scottish language, but it's generally used for boys. Traditionally, this name was given to boys who were shy or quiet.

5. Murdock

This name is used throughout the British Isles, but it holds particularly deep roots in the Scottish tradition. The name “Murdock” means “protector of the sea” and is of Celtic origins.

6. Gavin

This Scottish boy’s name is a derivation of the medieval name Gawain, which means “little white falcon” or “Godsend”. It is a very cute boy’s name that will easily grow with a boy through the years.

7. Hugh

The name “Hugh” is a brilliant name to give to a boy. In Scottish tradition, it means “fire”, as well as meaning “mind” and “intellect”.

8. Elliot

“Elliot” is a Scottish name related to the name Elijah. The name means “Jehovah of God”, and is somewhat unique as a Scottish baby name because of its strong religious connotations.

9. Tearlach

“Tearlach” is a unique baby name that is the Scottish version of the name Charles. It means “strong” and is a great name for a baby boy.

10.  Tevis

The name “Tevis” means “twin” in the Scottish language. It is a variant of the name Tavish. This would be a meaningful name for a baby boy who has a twin sibling!

11.  Jaimi

This is a popular name across the modern western world, but the origin of the name “Jaimi” is Scottish. The name means “supplanter” and is a unisex name that is very popular among Scottish citizens.

12.  Lloyd

The name “Lloyd” is a more unique boy’s name in modern times. It means “gray” in Scottish, and can describe a person who is gray or who has gray features (such as their eyes or hair).

13.  Gregor

“Gregor” is a shortened version of the name Gregory. It is a Scottish name that originates from the Norwegian language, in which it means “alert” or “watchful”.

14.  Malcolm

This name is a very popular Scottish name, and was the name of many legendary Scottish rulers. It is a name with a religious connotation meaning, “disciple of Columba” or “follower of God”.

15.  Steaphan

The name “Steaphan” is the Scottish variant of the more common name Steven. This name is rare, and means “crown” or “dwells at the farm”. It is a unique spin on a classic name.

16.  Scott

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the name “Scott”! The origins of this name are uncertain, but most agree that today it means “Gaelic speaker”.

17.  Tyree

“Tyree” is a cute and clever name for a baby boy. It has heavily Scottish origins, and was once the name of a famous carpenter. In Scottish Gaelic, the name means “from Tyrie”.

18.  Fergus

This name means “man of force” in the Scottish language, and is the perfect name for a strong little boy. It is popular in Ayrshire and Perthshire.

19.  Dylan

“Dylan” is a good choice for a little boy with Scottish origins. The name means “son of the sea”, and originally comes from Wales, though it was popular in Scotland too.

20.  Gordon

The famous chef Gordon Ramsey has this name. The name “Gordon” means “great hill”, and is a powerful name for a boy.

21.  Uarraig

This is the perfect name for a baby who is adventurous and daring. The name “Uarraig” is the Scottish variant of the English name Warwick, and symbolizes pride and ferocity.

22.  Keith

The name “Keith” is a name for a boy who is tough and intelligent. It means “wood forest” or “from the battleground” and was particularly common during the 19th century.

23.  Ludovic

This name is about as strong as baby boy names come. The name “Ludovic” means “fierce warrior”, and has both French and Scottish origins.

24.  Adam

The name “Adam” is perfect for parents who want to give their boy a classic, timeless Scottish name. This name means “man” and “to be red”.

25.  Bruce

“Bruce” is the name of many famous people, including the martial artist Bruce Lee. This name has been used for many hundreds of years, and traditionally means “from the brushwood thicket” or “the Willowlands”.

26.  Charlie

This is a good name for a baby boy that has stood the test of time. It has English and Scottish roots, and means “free man” in Scottish.

27.  Carter

Though the name “Carter” was commonly applied as a surname in Scotland, it can also be used today as a first name. It means “transporter of goods by cart”.

28.  Oliver

This is a more unique, but still familiar name that has Scottish and English origins. It means “the one who represents peace” in English, making it a great name for a boy who has a relaxed nature.

29.  Alistair

The name “Alistair” is a mysterious, magical sounding name that is derived from the name Alexander. It means “defender of mankind”.

30.  Bowie

This adorable Scottish boy’s name means “yellow-haired boy” and was frequently given to boys with blonde hair.

31.  Jack

The name “Jack” is a classic boy’s name that has been popular throughout history. It’s a name with Scottish origins that means “one who thinks God is gracious”.

32.  Broc

“Broc” is a strong-sounding Scottish boy’s name that means “one who is like a badger”. This is a great choice for a boy who is fighter!

33.  Lyall

Pronounced like the name Lyle this is a distinctively Scottish variant. The name “Lyall” comes from the Old Norse language and means “wolf”.

34.  Mackay

For a son with a feisty temperament, the name “Mackay” is a wonderful choice. It means “a son of fire”, implying a strong, exuberant nature from the start.

35.  Ronnie

This is an attractive name that has quite a strong connotation. In the Scottish tradition, the name “Ronnie” means “a ruler of might and power”.

36.  Graent

The name “Graent” is the Scottish variant of the name Grant. This name means “great” or “great person”.

37.  Erwin

The name “Erwin”, along with similar names like Ervine and Ervins, is a perfect choice for a sweet, gentle boy. It means “beautiful friend” or “fresh, green water” in the Scottish language.

38.  Clarion

The name “Clarion” is a regal, powerful name for a young boy. It is the name of a king from the Arthurian legends, and has a strong connection with the Christian tradition.

39.  Douglas

For boys with a serious, quiet personality, “Douglas” is a fitting name. This name means “the origin of dark water” or “a dark river or stream”.

40.  Aaran

This name is similar to the name Aaron, a Hebrew name from Christian and Jewish tradition. However, the name “Aaran” in Scottish carries additional meaning. The name means “enlightened one” or “strength”.

41.  Aonghas

“Aonghas” is a variation on the name Angus. The name belonged to a Celtic god of soulmate love and happiness, and means “one choice” in the Scottish language.

42.  Lewis

The name “Lewis” was once quite popular, but today it speaks of older times and ancient traditions. This name means “famous in war” and is a strong yet soft-sounding name for a boy.

43.  Darron

There are many different variations on the name “Darron”, but this one is the classically Scottish version. The name means “son of the oak tree” and implies strength and perseverance.

44.  Rodric

“Rodric” is the name of a boy who will grow up into a fair and clever leader. The name means “a person who is notable for his good ruling”.

45.  Graeham

This variation of the name Graham means “a boy from the gray house”. In Scottish tradition, gray is the color of intelligence, so this is a good name for an inquisitive boy.

46.  Archie

“Archie” is the shorter version of the name Archibald. It is the perfect name for a boy with good character, since it means “genuine”, “bold”, and “brave”.

47.  Greig

This name is almost exclusively Scottish in origin and is a common name for a boy. The holder of this name is said to be independent and ready to take on any challenge he’s presented with.

48.  Dow

Is your little boy full of joy and laughter? This Scottish boy’s name means “one who has a happy heart” and is a unique name for a cheerful baby.

49.  Ferris

A cute yet dynamic name for a boy, the name “Ferris” is a Scottish name with a reasonable degree of popularity. It means “one who makes the best choices”.

50.  Brody

The name “Brody” is a Scottish name that means “second-born”. It is a clever name to give to a baby boy who is a second child!

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