Arabic Names for Girls

November 23, 2020

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Arabic girls names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Arabic baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Arabic sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Arabic names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Arabic names for girls.

  1. Aaliyah

    Aaliyah is a classic Arabic girl’s name meaning “exalted one”. It rose to popularity when the musical artist Aaliyah released her first album in 1991.

  2. Aminah

    This was the name of the prophet Muhammad’s mother and is still one of the most popular Arabic names in the Muslim community. Aminah means “trustworthy”.

  3. Aisha

    Aisha means “alive” and is particularly common in Sunni Muslim communities. It was the name of the prophet Muhammad’s third wife.

  4. Amber

    The name Amber is now common worldwide, but its origins are Arabic. It refers to the gemstone amber or to the yellow-orange color of the gemstone.

  5. Atiya

    A classic Arabic name meaning “gift”, Atiya is a common Arabic name. Atiya Fyzee-Rahamin was an Indian author and the first South Asian woman to attend Cambridge University.

  6. Basma

    Basma means “smile” in Arabic. The name was given to a council area of northern Israel and also the name of a princess of Jordan.

  7. Basirah

    This traditional Arabic girl’s name means “perception of transcendental truth”. Al-Basir is one of the 99 names of Allah in Islamic tradition.

  8. Dana

    Dana is an Arabic and Perian name that means “wise”. One of the most famous bearers of this name is Queen Latifah, whose real name is Dana Owens.

  9. Daniyah

    This name means “closer” or “nearer”. It is a frequently used word in the Quran that describes the closeness of the fruits of Paradise.

  10.  Dinah

    Dinah means “religion” or “judgment”. In the Bible, Jacob and Leah’s only daughter was named Dinah.

  11.  Fairuz

    Fairuz is an Arabic girl’s name meaning “turquoise stone”. The internationally famous singer Fairuz uses this name as her stage name.

  12.  Farah

    Farah means “joy” in Arabic. Another variant of this name is “Fareeha”, and the name is popular in both the Arabic world as well as in the UK and the US.

  13.  Fatima

    One of the most popular and traditional Arabic girl’s names, Fatima means “one who abstains”. It has many variations across the Arabic and Muslim world.

  14.  Fikriyya

    Fikriyya is a unique girl’s name meaning “well-read” or “intellectual”. It is the female form of the boy’s name “Fikri”.

  15.  Gawahir

    Gawahir is an Arabic girl’s name that originates from Farsi. It means “jewels” and comes from the more common transcription “Jawahir”.

  16.  Habiba

    The name Habiba means “beloved” and “darling” in the Arabic language. It is also often used as a term of endearment in Arabic-speaking cultures.

  17.  Hadia

    The name Hadia is the feminine form of the name “Hadi”, which means “leader” or “guide” in Arabic. It may also be spelled “Hadya” or “Hadiyyah”.

  18.  Hafsa

    Hafsa is a classical Arabic and Muslim name meaning “gathering”. This name belonged to one of the prophet Muhammad’s wives.

  19.  Hana

    Hana means “bliss” and “happiness” in Arabic. Hana Sheha is a well-known Egyptian actress.

  20.  Humayra

    This is a relatively uncommon Arabic name that means “red”. Humayra Abedin, a Bangladeshi doctor, is a notable individual with this name.

  21.  Husna

    Husna means “more beautiful” and “best”. Variations of this name include “Hasna” and “Husniya”.

  22.  Iman

    The name Iman is a popular Arabic girl’s name not only in Arabia, but across the Muslim world. It means “faith”, derived from the Arabic “amuna (to be faithful)”.

  23.  Isra

    This Arabic name means “nocturnal journey”.  In Muslim scripture, it refers to the prophet Muhammad’s night journey from Mecca to Jerusalem.

  24.  Jameela

    Jameela is a popular Arabic girl’s name meaning “beautiful”. The British actress Jameela Jamil has popularized this name in recent years.

  25.  Janan

    Janan is more common in Turkey as a girl’s name and has Persian origins. It means “heart” or “beloved” in Arabic.

  26.  Jumana

    Jumana El-Husseini was a famous Palestinian artist with this name. Jumana means “pearl” in Arabic and may alternatively be spelled “Jumanah”.
  27.  Karima

    Karima is the feminine version of the boy’s name “Karim”, which comes from the Arabic word “karuma”, meaning “to be generous”.

  28.  Khairunissa

    Khairunissa is an uncommon Arabic girl’s name meaning “goodness of women”. It was the epithet for Muhammad’s first wife, who was also the first convert to Islam.

  29.  Layla

    Layla is one of the most popular Arabic girl’s names on this list. It means “night” in Arabic and became popular in the 12th century.

  30.  Latifa

    The name Latifa is another popular Arabic name meaning “gentle”. “Al-Latif” is one of the 99 names of Allah in Muslim tradition.

  31.  Lina

    The meaning of Lina is unclear, but most agree that it means either “palm tree” or “tender” in Arabic. It is popular in the Arabic-speaking world and in Europe.

  32.  Maha

    Maha means “beautiful eyes”. It is associated with the Arabian oryx, a wild cow that represents beauty in Arabic poetic tradition.

  33.  Malak

    The name Malak means “angel” and comes from the Hebrew language. Malak Hifni Nasif was a notable Egyptian women’s rights activist of the 20th century.

  34.  Malika

    Malika is the feminine form of the name “Malik”. It means “queen” or “owner” in Arabic. Malika Pukhraj was a famous Pakistani singer of the 20th century.

  35.  Mariam

    Mariam may also be spelled “Maryam” or “Miriam”. It is the Arabic version of the name “Mary” and honors the Virgin Mary from Christian tradition.

  36.  Marwa

    This is an Arabic girl’s name that originates from the Arabic word for a pleasant smelling plant. It is also the name of the Al-Marwah mountain in Mecca.

  37.  Mona

    Mona is a girl’s name with multiple origins, but its Arabic meaning is “wish”. The name may also be spelled “Muna” or “Mouna”.

  38.  Nadia

    Meaning “tender” or “delicate”, this Arabic girl’s name is an extremely popular choice. Nadia Lufti was a well-known Egyptian actress of the 20th century.

  39.  Naila

    Naila is the name of the wife of the 3rd Muslim caliph, Uthman. The name is common in the Muslim community and means “the successful one”.

  40.  Noor

    Noor means “the Divine Light” in the Arabic language. Queen Noor of Jordan and Princess Noor Pahlavi of Pakistan are individuals who share this name.

  41. Qamar

    Qamar is an uncommon and unique Arabic name that means “moon”. “Qamra” is another related name with the same meaning.

  42.  Rashida

    The name Rashida is the female version of the name “Rashid”. It means “righteous” and “wise” in Arabic and is popular in Pakistan and India.

  43.  Ramlah

    Ramlah is a classical Muslim name that means “sand” in Arabic. It belonged to one of the wives of the prophet Muhammad.

  44.  Sabah

    This traditional Arabic name means “morning”. It has been used throughout history as a common Muslim girl’s name, but a recent namesake is the Syrian singer Sabah Fakhri.

  45.  Salama

    In Arabic, Salama means “peace” and “safety”. It was the name of Muhammad’s 6th wife and is today one of the most popular Arabic girl’s names.

  46. Samira

    Samira is the feminine version of the common Arabic name “Samir”. It means “pleasant company” and “one who is loved” and has a long history throughout the Arab world.

  47.  Warda

    The name Warda means “rose” in Arabic and is a borrowing from the Iranian language. Warda Al-Jazairia was a famous Algerian singer.

  48. Yasmin

    This Arabic name is popular worldwide. In Arabic it means “jasmine” and is derived from the Persian word for the flower.

  49.  Zakhia

    Zakhia is an uncommon Arabic name meaning “pure”. It is the female form of the name “Zaki”. Zakhia Khattabi is a Belgian-Moroccan politician with this name.

  50.  Zaynab

    This is a traditional Muslim and Arabic name meaning “fragrant flower”. It was the name of the daughter, granddaughter, and two of the wives of the prophet Muhammad. 

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