Italian Names for Boys

September 15, 2020

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Italian Boys Names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

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  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Italian names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Italian names. 

1. Alessandro

This is an Italian, Latinized variant of the name Alexander derived from the Greek name “Alexandros”. It is made up of the elements “alexein” (to defend) and the possessive “andros” (man or warrior) which leads to the meaning “mankind’s defender”.

2. Amara

Amara is a unisex, Latinized name that can sometimes mean “bitter”, “blessed with eternal life” or “grace”. Despite the one potentially negative connotation of the name, it has a nice ring to it and it can also mean “unfading”,  “Immortal Being” or “blessed one who never dies”.

3. Dante

Dante Alighieri was, of course, the author of the Divine Comedy, which described the various levels of heaven and hell. The name means “enduring” or “famous bearer”.

4. Emiliano

Emiliano was derived from the Roman Aemilianus, a surname meaning “rival”. It designates one who is industrious and hard-working which may come from its significance as something or someone who is hard to rival.

5. Emilio

As with Emiliano, the name Emilio means someone who tries to rival another. But Emilio also carries the connotation of one who is trying to emulate or copy (in a positive way) another person.

6. Gabriel

The name Gabriel is the name of one of the four archangels who defend humans from the powers of evil. It means, “God is my strength” or “God is the strong man who defends me.”

7. Gianni

Gianni is a popular Italian name for a boy that’s derived from Hebrew. It means “God is gracious” or “God is merciful”. It is a shortened form of “Giovanni” which roughly translates to “John”. In Italy, “Gianni” is a common diminutive of “Giovanni”.

8. Leonardo

Leonardo, a variation of Leonard, is a masculine name that’s common in Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. It means “strong as a lion” or “bold, brave lion”.

9. Luciano

Lucian comes from the Latin “Lucianus” which means “light”. It is a popular name in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The French version of this name is “Lucien”.

10.  Marco

The name “Marco” is related to Mars, the Roman god of war and it means “he who is at war”. Marco Polo was an explorer from Venice who made this name famous.

11.  Mario

“Mario” is an extremely common name in Italy. Among English speakers who grew up in the Nintendo era, Mario has fun, positive connotations, but the name actually means “a sad, bitter man”. The “Mar” part of “Mario”, however has Celtic origins that could also be translated as “male”.

12.  Mateo

This name can be spelled “Mateo” or “Matteo”. In either case, it means “gift of God”. “Mateo” is the Italian variant of the English “Matthew”.

13.  Roberto

“Roberto” is the second most commonly used name of Germanic origin that means “bright, famous man” or “bright fame”. It is a variant of Robert.

14.  Romeo

Shakespeare made the name “Romeo” famous in the tragedy Romeo and Juliet and as a result, the name carries a connotation of romance. But tracing its origins, Romeo actually means “ a foot traveler on his way to Rome”.

15.  Santino

“Santino” (derived from the Latin word “sanctus”) is a boy’s name that means “sacred” or “little saint”. It is the Italian pet form of the name “Santo”.

16.  Sergio

The name “Sergio” is one of the top 20 most common names in Italy and it means “a servant or attendant”. It is derived from the Latin word serius which means “caretaker”.

17.  Basilio

The Italian/Portuguese name “Basilio” comes from the Latin Basilius. It means noble or kingly.

18.  Batista

This Christian name was derived from the word “baptist” and signified a devotion to John the Baptist. It can also mean, “the baptized one”.

19.  Beniamino

“Beniamino” derives from Hebrew (Benjamin) and is similar to the name “Benedict”. It means “son of the right hand” or in other words, “the favored child” or “darling” of the family.

20.  Benvolio

Benvolio comes from the Italian word Benevolo. It means “benevolent” or “having goodwill” and it became famous as a boy’s name in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Benvolio was, indeed, a peacemaker and one of Romeo’s closest friends.

21.  Camora

Camora is an Italian boy’s name derived from the Neapolitan word camorra which means “quarrel” or “dispute”. It is also one of the largest and oldest Mafia syndicates in Italy, dating all the way back to the 17th century. 

22.  Capulet

The Capulets and the Montegues were made famous by Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Though it is an Italian surname, it can also be used as a given name for a boy.

23.  Carlino

The name “Carlo” designates a manly man, so the name “Carlino” means, of course, “a small man who is very masculine”. But “Carlino” is also a medieval Italian coin, so some people speculate that it came into use as a nickname for a worthless man of low value because the coin itself had a low value (though it’s also possible that “Carlino” was an occupational name for someone who minted coins).

24.  Corrado

“Corrado” is a variation on the German name “Conrad” which means “brave counsel”, but it can also mean “fearless” or “valiant”. Some sources also say that this name refers to someone who is shy and secretive, in part due to a taste for elitism.

25.  Cosimo

The name “Cosimo” means “order or sequence” in Greek and it signifies the presence of a pattern. But in Italian it means “the famous bearers of the Medicis” (a wealthy and powerful dynastic family who first became prominent in the 15th century). 

26.  Cosma

Similar to the name “Cosimo”, the name “Cosma” signifies a pattern or sequence. It is also tied to the Medici family.

27.  Cristian

This name is a variant of the Latin christianus and a less common spelling of the name “Christian” which means “disciple of Christ”. Though it is most commonly used for boys, the name “Cristian” is a unisex name and can also sometimes be used for girls.

28.  Deangelo

         The name “Deangelo” is the sum of the Italian prefix “de” mixed with “angelo” which   means “of the angels”. It can also mean “they are born beautiful and bold”.

29.  Demonte

“Demonte”, like “Deangelo” and other Italian names that start with “de” is a marriage of the preposition “de” (which means “from” or “of”) and a noun, in this case, “monte”. The word “monte” means “mountain or hill”. As such, this name has two meanings: “one who comes from heaven” or “one who comes from the mountain”.

30.  Diego

This is a name that comes from the Spanish language. It comes from the Latin Didacus or the Greek Didachos. It means “well-educated or instructed” or even “to instruct”.

31.  Domani

Domani is an Italian name that means “tomorrow”. It can also signify that the name-bearer is “someone who does planning in advance”.

32.  Dontay

This is the perfect name for a child destined to become a spiritual leader. The Italian name “Dontay” also means “enduring”. It is an alternate form of Donte or Dante.

33.  Edgardo

Edgardo is an Italian boy’s name. It is derived from the Spanish language and it means “a rich man known for his wealth”.

34.  Edmondo

The name “Edmondo” is a name that’s indicative of success. As an Italian boy’s name it means “a productive and successful man”.

35.  Edoardo

Edoardo can be spelled several different ways in Italian. It derives from the Anglo-Saxon version Eadweard and it means “guardian of his own wealth”.

36.  Fabian

This name means simply, “He who farms beans”. In French, where this name is very popular, it is spelled “Fabien”.

37.  Favio

Favio is a man who has great wisdom or understanding. It is, however, related to the name “Fabian” in that is can also designate “one who grows beans”.

38.  Felix

The Italian name Felix indicates a man with a lot of luck. It means “a man who is successful due to good luck”.

39.  Ferrari

Though the name “Ferrari” is definitely most famous due to its association with the car of the same name, it is actually an occupational name. It means “blacksmith”.

40.  Gennaro

Gennaro is actually related to the word January. In Italian it means “the one who belongs to the god Janus”.

41.  Gentile

In the Bible, a Gentile was a person who wasn’t Jewish. In Italy, however, this name means, “one who is easy-going”.

42.  Gianluca

This name is a marriage of two names: Gian and Luca. It means, “gift of God, born at sunrise”.

43.  Gianluigi

Gianluigi is a combined name made up of Gian and Luigi. It translates into the meaning, “God is gracious” or “warrior of fame”.

44.  Giannino

The name Giannino originated from the Hebrew language. It is an Italian boy’s name that means “God is gracious”.

45.  Hieronomo

This is a variant of Hieronymos with its roots in Greek. It is a different spelling of     “Jerome” and it means “holy name” in Italy.

46.  Jacopo

This is an Italian variant of Jacob. It means “supplanter”.

47.  Kalanidhi

Kalanidhi is an unusual Italian name. It means “receptacle of the crescent moon”.

48.  Lando

For a boy who is destined for fame, Lando is the perfect name. It means “a man who is famous throughout the land” or “bright sun”.

49.  Mano

Mano is a name derived from Hebrew meaning “God is with us”. It is a shortened version of “Manuel”.

50.  Massa

This Italian name means either “burden” or “prophecy”. It is also a place name.

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