Welsh Names for Girls

November 13, 2020
Welsh castle

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Welsh girls names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Welsh baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Welsh sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Welsh names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Welsh names for girls.

  1. Aelwen

    The Welsh girl’s name Aelwen means “fair browed” or “light haired” in the Welsh language. It is a variation of the boy’s name “Elwyn”.

  2. Aerona

    Aerona is the feminine version of the common boy’s name “Aeron”. It means “berry” in Welsh and also refers to an ancient Celtic goddess of war.

  3. Alis

    This Welsh version of the Old German name “Alice” is a popular name that means “someone of noble origin”.

  4. Alaw

    This girl’s name means “water lily” and is also the name of a famous river in Anglesey. It can also mean “harmonic sound”.

  5. Adaryn

    The Welsh name Adaryn is a classic girl’s name of Celtic origin that means “high-flying” and “bird”.

  6. Aeres

    Aeres means “heiress”. The name is relatively modern and a bit rare. It is commonly used in the Carmarthen district of Wales.

  7. Addien

    The name Addien means “beautiful” or “charming girl” in Welsh. It has historically been used primarily as a girl’s name in Christian communities in Wales.

  8. Arianwen

    Arianwen means “holy silver” and “fair/blessed”. It became famous due to a Welsh legend about Arianwen verch Brychan, a saint from the 8th century AD.

  9. Awena

    This Welsh name means “muse” or “poetic inspiration” but it has origins in Persia and may be related to the name Ayineh which means “mirror”.
  1.  Bethan

    Bethan is the Welsh variant of “Elizabeth”, which means “My God is abundance”. The name originates from the Hebrew language and gained popularity in Wales during the Middle Ages.

  2.  Betrys

    This is the Welsh version of the popular name “Beatrice”. The name has its roots in Latin and can be interpreted to mean “voyager/traveller” or “blessed one”. It was a popular name amongst early European Christians.

  3.  Brownwen

    In Welsh, this name means “blessed” or “fair”. In Welsh mythology, Brownwen was the daughter of Llyr, the god of the sea.

  4.  Brenda

    This is a classic Welsh girl’s name with Celtic origins that means “blade of a sword”. It probably became popular as a name that honored St. Brendan.

  5.  Carwen

    This feminine version of the Welsh boy’s name “Carwyn” means “blessed love”. It comes from the Welsh words “caru” (to love) and “gwen” (blessed).

  6.  Catrin

    Catrin is the Welsh derivation of the popular English name “Katherine”. It means “pure” and “clear.

  7.  Cain

    The name Cain is a Welsh girl’s name that means “beautiful” and “fair”. It was the name of a 5th century saint and hermitess to whom a legendary holy well is attributed.

  8.  Cassadee

    This Welsh baby name is derived from the Goidelic language and means “clever” or “curly-haired”. Nicknames for this name include “Cass” and “Cassie”.

  9.  Callwen

    Callwen was the name of a 5th century saint who was the daughter of the legendary King Brychan. There is a church dedicated to her in Defynnog, Brecknockshire.

  10.  Caryl

    This feminine Welsh form of the name “Charles” means “free (wo)man”. It is also related to the Welsh word “caru”, which means “love”.

  11.  Ceirios

    Ceirios is a Welsh word meaning “cherry” and is a unique name for a baby girl. It is used more often in modern times than it was in the past.

  12.  Cristyn

    This Welsh version of the traditional name “Christine” means “follower of God”. It is a name with Latin roots and religious significance.

  13.  Delyth

    Delyth means “pretty” or “beautiful one”. It was the name of two prominent Welsh politicians, Delyth Jewell and Delyth Evans.

  14.  Daron

    This Welsh girl’s name means “oak” or “perfect ending” in the Welsh language. It has roots in Old English and Irish Gaelic and can also mean “little great one”.

  15.  Donna

    This Welsh girl’s name is the female version of the boy’s name “Donald”, which is a classic Celtic name meaning “world ruler”. It was a popular name during the 1960s and many singers and actresses from that time have this name.

  16.  Dilys

    This name means “genuine” and “true”.  Dilys has a long history as a name associated with literature and the arts. The Dilys Award is a writing award given to mystery genre writers.

  17.  Ebrill

    Ebrill is the Welsh version of the name “April” and means “one who was born in April”. It is often given to girls who are born during springtime or the month of April.

  18.  Efa

    This name is the Welsh variant of the English and French name “Eve”, the name of the first woman in Christian scripture. The name means “life” in Welsh.

  19.  Eigra

    The name Eigra is likely derived from the name “Igraine”, which was the name of the mother of King Arthur. Eigra is also the name of Welsh poet Eigra Roberts.

  20.  Eilir

    Eilir is a traditional Welsh girl’s name that means “butterfly” or “spring”. It is a name given to refer to an individual who is attractive and spontaneous.

  21.  Enid

    Enid is a name derived from the Old Welsh language that means “soul” or “life”. Enid was a primary character in the Welsh legends of the Mabinogion.

  22.  Eurgain

    Eurgain was the name of one of the first female Christian saints and the daughter of the 1st century chieftain, Caratacus. The name means “gold” and “elegant”.

  23.  Gracie

    This diminutive Welsh form of the traditional name “Grace” means “grace of God” and “good will”. It was particularly popular in Wales during the 17th century.

  24. Gwenyth

    Gwenyth is a classic Welsh name meaning “springtime” or “wheat”. It has traditionally been used among royalty and high society.

  25.  Hafren

    Hafren was the name of a legendary British princess and Celtic goddess who presided over the River Severn. It is a Welsh form of the Celtic name Sabrina.

  26.  Liliwen

    Liliwen means “white lily” or “wonderful” and is of Welsh origin. It may be shortened to “Lili” as a nickname.

  27.  Llewella

    The feminine form of the Welsh boy’s name “Llewellyn”, this name means “shining one” and “leader”. It originates from the Welsh word for “lion”.

  28.  Luned

    This diminutive form of the Welsh name “Eluned” means “likeness” or “idol”. Eluned was a famous heroine in the French romance poem Yvain, the Knight of the Lion.

  29.  Maelona

    Maelona is a rare Welsh girl’s name that means “princess”. It is related to the slightly more common boy’s name “Maelon”.

  30. Megan

    Megan is the Welsh version of the English name “Margaret”, which means “pearl”. This name may also come from Old Greek and could mean “great and mighty”. It was most popular during the 1980s.

  31. Melangell

    This name means “sweet angel”. Saint Melangell was a 6th century Welsh woman who is now known as a patron of small animals and women.

  32.  Rhiannon

    Rhiannon was the name of an ancient Celtic goddess of fertility and the moon as well as the name of a great queen in the legends told in The Mabinogion.

  33.  Rowenna

    This Welsh name has been popular as the name of English and Welsh aristocrats and members of nobility. It means “fame and brightness” or “fair, slender maiden”.

  34.  Seren

    Seren is the Welsh version of the more popular name “Serena”, which comes from Latin and means “tranquil”. The name in Welsh means “star”. In 2009, Seren was the third most popular girl’s name in Wales.

  35.  Siwan

    Siwan is the Welsh form of the more popularized name “Joan”, which means “God is gracious and merciful”. Siwan was the name of the wife of Llewelyn the Great, Prince of Wales.

  36.  Tangwen

    Tangwen means “white peace” in the Welsh language. It was the name of a court lady in King Arthur’s court who was the daughter of Gweir, Servitor of Birds.

  37.  Tegan

    The name Tegan means “darling one” in Welsh. It is the first name of one of the Quin sisters in the popular Canadian indie-pop band Tegan and Sara.

  38.  Tirion

    This Welsh name can mean “gentle” or “happy”. Tirion upon Tuna is an Elven city in the fictional Tolkein universe.

  39.  Tybie

    Tybie is a Welsh girl’s name with ancient Celtic origins. Some sources say that this name belonged to one of the daughters of King Brychan.

  40.  Una

    Una means “one who is truthful and beautiful”. It is a popular Celtic name belonging to many famous Irish and Welsh women.
  1.  Yseult

    The name Yseult is a unique variation of “Isolde”. It means “fair lady” in Welsh and was the name of a legendary figure in the Arthurian legend of Tristan and Iseult.

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