Greek Names for Boys

September 15, 2020

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Greek Boys Names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Greek baby name
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  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Greek names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Greek names.  

  1. Adrian

This is a traditional Greek name that means “rich”. Although the name “Adrian” doesn’t specify the type of richness. If you give your baby boy this name, you can expect for him to be bestowed with richness and all the wonderful things in life!

  1. Aristotle

“Aristotle” was the name of the famous classical Greek philosopher who lived over 2000 years ago. The name itself actually means “best” and “wise”, so it’s a good name for a future academic. For short, “Arie” is a great nickname.

  1. Deacon

“Deacon” is a strong, yet also cute, name for a little boy. In Greek, the name means “one who serves”, indicating loyalty and trustworthiness. Reese Witherspoon named her son Deacon, so if you choose this name, you’ll be choosing one that’s popular among the stars.

  1. Demitri

This name is clearly of Greek origin, and is actually a derivation of the name Demitrius, which means “lover of the earth”. If you want your son to grow up to be an environmentally conscious, intelligent, and caring young man, then this is a fantastic name to choose.

  1. Elias

“Elias” is an intriguing name for a little boy, especially if you’re looking for a name with a more religious connotation. This name is the Greek form of the name Elijah, which means “the Lord is my God” in Hebrew.

  1. Galen

This is a more unique Greek boy name, but still one that will be easy to spell and pronounce as your little boy grows up into a man. The name means “healer” and “calm”, making it a perfect name for boys who have a more relaxed, easygoing attitude.

  1. Helio

In the Greek tradition, Helios was the god of the sun, which makes this name a strong and distinctive name choice. If you hope for your boy to grow up to be an independent and courageous young man, “Helio” will be a great name to travel with him along his journey.

  1. Milos

This name has its roots in Greek tradition, but that is seen throughout Eastern Europe in different forms. It means “pleasant”, and is similar to the names Miles and Milo.

  1. Nico

The name “Nico” is a name that implies strength and courage. It is the shortened version of the name Nicholas, which means “victorious people” in Greek tradition.

  1. Paris

Don’t let this name fool you! The name “Paris” in Greek actually means “lover”. This is the perfect name for a sweet little boy who has a lot of love to give.

  1. Topher

This is a modern name that is the short form of the name Christopher. The name Christopher means “Christ-bearer” according to the Greek tradition, so this is a wonderful choice if you want your little boy’s name to have a religious meaning.

  1. Tybalt

“Tybalt” is a classic Greek name, but it’s also a name from literature (more specifically, from the Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet). In Greek, “Tybalt” means “people’s prince”. The nickname Ty is extremely popular!

  1. Xander

While Alexander is a timeless Greek name, the name “Xander” is decidedly more unique. The name Alexander means “defender of mankind”, and any variation of this name is sure to help you raise a tough, yet compassionate boy!

  1. Ajax

The name “Ajax” was that of a warrior hero portrayed in Homer’s Iliad. If you’re looking for a name based in classical Greek literature that will convey strength, courage, and bravery, look no further!

  1. Damon

Though this name attained popularity through a character on the Vampire Diaries, it is actually a name of Greek origin with a long history. Greek mythology tells us that Damon was the god of loyalty and trust, so this is a handsome yet strong name for a boy.

  1. Georgios

The name “Georgios” means “farmer” in Greek, but it also indicates a person who has great strength. The more modern name George has been popular in recent years, so this older version of the name is a perfect combination of new and old.

  1. Hector

According to Greek mythology, Hector was a legendary hero and the best warrior in Troy during the Trojan War. As such, the name Hector is a spectacular name for a boy, with its strong and fierce connotations.

  1. Homer

Homer was the name of the famous Greek poet behind famous classics like The Iliad and The Odyssey. It’s a cute, friendly sounding name that will be wonderful for a boy at all ages of his life.

  1. Jason

In Greek legend, Jason was the courageous leader of the Argonauts. This Greek origin name is common, but it’s also a solid choice for a Greek boy name.

  1. Jonas

Jonas means “dove” in the Greek language. It has been popularized as being the last name of the Jonas Brothers, but it can also be a fun and unique first name for your little boy!

  1. Kosmos

“Kosmos” is a name that draws to mind thoughts of the stars and galaxies beyond our planet. But, in Greek, this name can mean “beauty” or “order” too! That means that your youngster will have a clever and unique name that is as inspiring as it is handsome.

  1. Leander

Does your baby boy have a fierce personality? Then the name “Leander” may be the perfect fit! This Greek name means “lion of a man”, making it the perfect name for a boy with a fiery personality.

  1. Origen

The name “Origen” in Greek means “mountain-born”. This name is modern yet also timeless, and great for a baby boy with an adventurous spirit.

  1. Perseus

“Perseus” is a unique name that belonged to a Greek mythological hero who was the son of Zeus and the defeater of many monsters. This Greek hero was also known for rescuing the princess Andromeda from a sea monster.  

  1. Seth

The name “Seth” is fairly popular in the United States as a boy’s name. It means “dazzle” in the Greek language and is the name of the famous Canadian actor, Seth Rogen.

  1. Spyro

This is a whimsical, playful name for a boy who is curious and smart. It is a Greek name that means “spirit”.

  1. Stefanos

The name “Stefanos” is a Greek name that means “crown”. It is a sophisticated name that will work just as well for a little boy as it will for a man.

  1. Theodoros

Your little boy brings a lot of happiness into your life. The name “Theodoros” means “Gift of God”, and is a great name for a boy who is well-loved.

  1. Tobias

This name is of Greek and Hebrew origin, and means “God is good”. It is the Greek version of the Hebrew name Toviyah, and is a name associated with the biblical story of Tobias and the Angel.

  1. Athanasios

This distinctively Greek name has been used in both ancient and modern times. It means “the immortal divine soul”, and is the perfect name for a young boy with an old soul.

  1. Petrov

The name “Petrov” is the Greek version of the name Peter. It is used throughout Eastern Europe and means “rock” in the Greek language.

  1. Zenon

Names that start with the letter “Z” are unique and fun. The name “Zenon” means “shine” or “sky”, making it the perfect name for your little boy, who is the light of your life!

  1. Zotikos

This is clearly a Greek boy name that means “he who is full of life”. It’s a good choice for boys who are energetic and talkative!

  1. Arye

“Arye” is a handsome name for a handsome boy. It is an Ancient Greek name that means “lion” or “beautiful individual”.

  1. Basil

The name “Basil” is the name of a tasty herb, but it’s also a popular Greek boy’s name. It means “fearless” and “brave” and is a good name for little leaders.

  1. Makari

Though this boy’s name is most popular currently in Russia, it is actually a name with Greek origins. In the Greek language, it means “blessed”.

  1. Xerxes

This name is one of the most unique ones on this list! The Greek name “Xerxes” means “ruler over heroes” and is perfect for a boy who could grow into a leader.

  1. Thales

“Thales” is a Greek boy’s name that means “blossom”. It is a gentle name for a gentle boy, but also one that carries a quiet dignity that will suit him well as he grows.

  1. Morpheus

The name “Morpheus” is deep and mysterious. It is a clever name for a boy who is observant and intelligent. Its Greek meaning is “shape” or “appearance”, and it was the name of the Greek god of sleep and dreams.

  1. Leonidas

If you name your boy “Leonidas”, you can call him “Leo” for short! This name belonged to the legendary leader of the Spartan army in Greek myth, and it is currently a popular baby name for Greek parents.

  1. Kyros

The name “Kyros” means “like the sun” in the Greek language. For parents who want a bright, inspiring, and fun name for their boy, this would be an awesome choice!

  1. Ariston

The name “Ariston” comes from the Greek word “aristos”, which means “best”. This name is subtly strong, and will easily fit your boy at any stage of his life.

  1. Solon

In Greek, “Solon” means “wisdom”. This name would be great for a boy who is inclined toward learning and studying.

  1. Jerome

This name is good for a boy who will grow up to be smart, cultured, and kind to those around him. The name “Jerome” is of Greek origin and means “sacred name”.

  1. Eugene

“Eugene” is only recently starting to reemerge as a popular boy’s name. It is a classic Greek name that means “well-born” or “noble”.

  1. Darius

The name “Darius” is a strong name for a baby boy. It has both Greek and Persian origins and means “wealth” or “kingly”. The name once belonged to Emperor Darius the Great, a legendary Persian emperor!

  1. Okeanos

“Okeanos” is the name of the Greek Titan of the sea, and it could be the name of your little boy too! It means “a body of water” and is a very unique name that is strong and powerful.

  1.  Jace

A shorter variation of the name Jason, “Jace” is a fun name for a boy. It means “healer” in Greek, and is certainly the perfect balance between gentleness and strength.

  1.  Tyrone

This Greek baby name clearly indicates strength and dignity. It means “sovereign” or “The King” according to Greek tradition, and has been the name of famous ruler throughout history.

  1. Faustus

“Faustus” is a whimsical, mysterious Greek baby name. In Greek, the name means “lucky”, so it’s a wonderful name to give to your beloved baby boy!

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