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Why do people change their name?

People change their names for many different reasons. According to the Independent, over 85,000 people changed their names by deed poll in 2015, and that number is rising. 

Below are some of the common reasons that people change their names:

  • Because they do not like the name they were given
  • Because their given name is strange or difficult to spell
  • To make a name sound more English (anglicise)
  • To correct a mistake made upon registration of their birth
  • Because a couple are getting married and they do not want the wife to take only the husband’s surname
  • Because same-sex partners want to have an entirely new or combined surname
  • Because a person wants their name to reflect their new gender
  • To reflect a religious conversion
  • For a person’s name to make some kind of political or other statement
  • Prior to a divorce
  • To prevent being found by a former partner.
  • To create a double barreled surname
  • Because a couple has entered into a civil partnership
  • To restore a family surname that has been changed in the past
  • To change or correct the spelling of your name

Of course this list doesn't even take into account the more frivolous reasons. For example:

  • Because you want to have a celebrity name like Adele or Shakira
  • Because you lost a bet to your mates
  • Because you want to share a name with a TV or movie character

Whatever your reason is for changing your name, we at UK Deed Poll Office will make the process very easy for you. Simply click on the apply now button to begin.


The UK Deed Poll Office is not a government agency. Our function is purely as a document provider for the self-declaration of an unenrolled deed poll. We are here to assist in your name change journey, as we have done for over 100,000 UK residents.


Join the thousands who have trusted the UK Deed Poll Office to help change their name. Fill out our fast, simple, and affordable online application to receive your Deed Poll in no time!
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