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The Worst Baby Names in the UK

May 21, 2020

Looking for a list of the worst baby names in the UK? We got you covered. These names are so bad that we hope these children eventually changed their names.

Remember if you have been given a horrible name as a baby, it is possible to change it with a deed poll.



Worst Boys’ Names

Diesel Duramaxx

This is an “over-the-top” name that’s almost not human. It would be a better name for a battery than for a boy. If the baby grows into a young man with effeminate inclinations, this particular name would be unbearable and possibly even devastating.

Jack Daniels

Naming a child after a brand of whiskey is a bold move that seems to be tempting fate. Parents with alcoholism in the family tree might reconsider this one.


No one can deny that it would be hard to take an adult man named “Infinite” seriously. This is the kind of name that would best be reserved for comic book characters and superheroes.


Though this name could be awesome for a kid who’s musically gifted, particularly a percussionist, or a dancer, if your child ends up being on the pudgy end of the spectrum, it would be a perpetual source of irony that could have bad outcomes.


This is a great example of a name that could be sort of awesome, but it’s not really appropriate for a boy. Parents who don’t have a really solid sense of what’s masculine and what’s feminine should steer clear of thing-names like these because they can do poorly on the playground.


This is a great example of a name that’s not really good for either a boy or a girl, but that definitely has female connotations. Yet the parents who named their boy “Bunny” clearly had no idea that he would suffer terribly for it on the playground.


Naming a child after objects or locations in outer space is a call-out for other kids and adults to never take them seriously. Even if you and your spouse are both astronomers, don’t name your children after the planets (particularly not after Uranus).


It would be exceptionally difficult for a young man named “Twizzler” to find his way into an academic circle and establish credibility. Teachers would certainly be wary of the boy’s parents whenever parent-teacher meetings were held.  


Pronounced “Desire”, this is the kind of name that will haunt a child every time it is announced over a loudspeaker, including at graduation ceremonies, award ceremonies, and any momentous event that might confer some kind of greatness or sense of accomplishment to the child. It is the kind of name that could be ostracizing for a young man when he gets older since the spelling is not obvious or intuitive for girls who might want to look him up on Facebook.

Keithen  (Keith + Ethan)

Clearly, this is a name that came for the parent’s inability to reach a final agreement as far as their Number One choice. Though, as a parent, you may think this is a creative choice that will set the child apart in a positive way, it actually sounds a little bit like a verb uttered with a southern U.S. drawl.

Little Mike

“Little” is the first name and “Mike” is the second name. Some parents fail to realize that their “little” boys will eventually become adults and most boys definitely don’t want the designation “little” in groups or at work.

Worst Girls Names

Paige Turner

If you name your daughter after a thing like a “page”, be sure to consider how her first name will meld with her last name. Though you may think you’re being clever by naming her something like “Paige Turner”, if she turns out to be a mousy, boring conversationalist, her name will inspire a lot of laughs when she reaches adulthood.


Though this may seem like a romantic name, it also connotes a parrot-like quality that most parents certainly don’t want their daughters to have.


The girl with this name suffers from daily mis-pronunciation. It’s supposed to be pronounced “Arya”, but of course, people say her name as it’s spelled, like it’s a region or a specific height and width.


It sounds like an after-thought rather than a carefully chosen name for a girl, but believe it or not, there were 32 babies given this name in 2009 alone. Why? It’s hard to say, but if you’re tempted to be one of the thoughtless parents hoping to give their daughter headstart in learning the alphabet, maybe think again!


Clearly, this is a bad choice. This name was reported to belong to the daughter of a labor and delivery nurse. It’s not just a bad name, it’s offensive and embarrassing and obviously, the girl who bears this name will have to either change it one day or take up a career no parent would be fond of.


It’s bad enough that this name is mis-spelled, but the real tragedy here is that no girl over the age of 7 years, let alone an adult, wants to be called a princess anymore.

Britney Shakira Beyoncé

Maybe you’re a huge fan of a musical artist or a famous actor, but that doesn’t excuse a name like this. A girl with this kind of name is likely to be made fun of a lot and she’ll probably do everything in her power to not live up to her namesakes, so keep this in mind if you decide to name your daughter after a rock star or some other famous person.

Heaven Leigh

Certainly the parents were well-intentioned when they came up with this name, but unfortunately, a name like this could inspire daughters to take on a rebellious nature.  Parents might feel a little bit embarrassed of their name-choice when the police bring her home drunk from a party in the middle of the night.


Though the parents who named this girl simply thought they were creating a twist to the name “Sonya”, in reality, they accidentally named her “Lasagna” with a slightly different spelling.

Strawberry Rain

This is the kind of name that would work wonderfully for a bottle of shampoo, but it would invite taunts from peers. Daughters named after food are likely to suffer through every lunch hour of their young lives.

Little Sweetmeat

Not very many people would argue against the idea that this is a terrible name. Think about things like resumes and job applications before you give your daughter a name like this.


To pull off a unique name like this for a girl, you would need to fully explore all the possible taunts and jeers that classmates might come up with during her elementary school years. For example: Jennifart. If you can’t think like a 7 year old boy and consider every possible nick-name configuration that could go wrong, stick to some of the safer bets when naming your baby girl.


Here’s another unique spelling gone awry. Instead of feeling like a one-of-kind, a girl named “Kaitlind” feels frustrated about having to spell her name for everyone she meets because when she says it out loud, it sounds like how she’d say “Kaitlyn” if she had a cold.


What? Special spellings like this gum up all efforts by teachers to alphabetize children’s names. And when it comes time to teach your daughter how to spell her name, good luck explaining this one to her.


The parents of this girl maybe weren’t familiar with the technical name for a particularly insidious form of skin cancer (melanoma). Maybe they thought it had a ring to it, but didn’t realize the connotations it carries. Nonetheless, if you’re considering a unique name that you’ve never heard before, open a dictionary and look for words that might be easily related to the name. Stay away from names that sound like diseases.


This name only works if no one else at school has the same name. Apparently, it’s catching on in the UK, so watch out.

How to Change Your Name in the UK

To legally change your name in England, Wales, or Scotland or any of the Commonwealth or British overseas areas, you must hold UK citizenship and change your name by deed poll. A deed poll is a special legal document that proves that your name has been changed. You can use it to legally change your name on your driver’s license, passport, and other official documents.

A deed poll confirms that a person has relinquished their old name and designates what their new name will be. It must be signed in the presence of witnesses. To legally change your name in the UK using a deed poll, you must be over 16 years of age. You do not have to register it with the Royal Courts of Justice, but you can if you want to. Official notice of your name change will be published in the London Gazette if you’re over the age of 18 years.

Remember just because your parents gave you one of the worst baby names in Britain, it doesn't mean you need to keep it.

How Do I Change My Name?


Ready to Change Your Name?

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