Posh Names for Boys

December 31, 2021

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Posh names for boys. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a posh sounding baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more posh sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular posh names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular posh names for boys.

Posh Names for Boys

Alasdair: Meaning "defender of mankind", this name is the Scottish version of ‘Alexander’.

Albert: Albert means "noble and bright".

Alexander: In its Greek origins, Alexander is defined as the "defender of the people".

Alfred: This name means "elf counsel".

Andrew: Another originally Greek name, Andrew pertains to a "manly" boy.

Anthony: In Italian, Anthony means "highly praiseworthy".

Archie: Going back to its German roots, Archie translates to "archer" and a "truly bold" person.

Arlo: This name is defined as "hill".

Arthur: Arthur is an originally Welsh name that means "bear".

Ashby: Ashby means "from the ash tree".

Augustus: The meaning of this sophisticated name is "great".

Baldwin: If you're looking for a classical and expressive posh name for your son that has Old German and Old French origins, Baldwin, which pertains to a "brave and bold friend", would be an excellent choice.

Barnaby: This means "son of prophecy".

Benjamin: Benjamin is a great name for boys because it may be shortened to 'Ben', 'Benny', and other similar variations. In Hebrew, which is the language that the name is derived from, Benjamin translates to the "son of my right hand".

Bradford: This means "wide river crossing".

Bradley: Bradley is a popular name that is defined as a "wide meadow".

Charles: In its original German form, Charles means "free man".

Cielo: This Italian name simply translates to "sky".

Clement: Clement means "mild".

Daniel: Meaning "God is my judge".

Dominic: This name comes from the Latin language, and it means "belonging to the Lord".

Dylan: Dylan is a Welsh name that refers to the "son of the sea".

Edmund: Many royals and elites have held the name Edmund, which is defined as a "wealthy protector".

Edward: This famous name means "guardian of prosperity".

Edwin: In short, Edwin means "rich friend".

Fabian: Meaning "bean seller" in Roman.

Franklin: Franklin pertains to a "free landholder".

Frederick: In its original German format, Frederick translates to "peaceful ruler".

George: George is the patron saint of England, a former English king, and the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It also has a humble meaning, which is "farmer".

Griffin: This name refers to a "strong lord".

Harold: Derived from Scandinavian languages, Harold is defined as "army ruler".

Harrison: Simply put, Harrison means "son of Harry".

Harry: Meanwhile, Harry means "army ruler".

Henry: Similarly, Henry pertains to a "home ruler".

Hugo: When we go back to the name's German roots, Hugo is used to refer to a person that is "bright in mind and spirit".

Humphrey: In German, Humphrey means a "peaceful warrior".

Ian: Meaning "God is gracious", Ian is the Scottish form of 'John'.

Ignatius: This historically-rich name means "fire".

James: "Supplanter" is the meaning of this popular name.

Julian: Julian can be used to reference a "youthful and downy" son.

Lawrence: Lawrence pertains to someone that is "from Laurentum", a city in ancient Rome.

Leonardo: Meaning "lion".

Matteo: This is the Italian version of 'Matthew', which is defined as a "gift from God".

Maximillian: Meaning the "greatest".

Michael: Pertaining to a person "who is like God".

Oliver: Oliver is an originally Latin name that translates to "olive tree".

Orlando: Orlando means "famous land".

Phillip: In its original Greek version, Philip means "lover of horses".

Pierre: Meaning "rock", Pierre is a popular posh name for boys in France.

Quentin: Quentin is another posh French name, and it pertains to "fifth" (such as the fifth child).

Richard: This historic and aristocratic name means "brave ruler".

Roderick: Roderick is defined as a "famous power".

Rupert: Meaning "bright", Rupert is the equivalent of 'Robert' in German.

Sebastian: The name has roots can be traced back to ancient Greece. Sebastian can mean two things: A "person from the ancient city of Sebasta" and "venerable" (the latter is used to refer to a highly respected individual).

Sterling: This posh name for boys refers to the Scottish city of Sterling and sterling silver (the precious metal). With that in mind, Sterling, as a name, translates to "excellent".

Theodore: This name means "God's gift".

Vincent: Meaning "conquering", Vincent is a popular name in contemporary times.

William: One of the classiest and most widely-used names in history, William can either mean "resolute protection" or someone "with a gilded helmet".

Xavier: Xavier, which translates to "the new house", is derived from Spanish and Basque origins.

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