Posh Names for Girls

March 6, 2024

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Posh names for girls. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This Posh Girl Name List is Perfect For:

  • Parents looking for a posh sounding baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more posh sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular posh names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular posh names for girls.

Posh Names for Girls

Alexandra: Meaning "man's defender".

Allegra: This name means a “joyful” and/or “lively girl”.

Anais: Anais, which means "grace", is another form of 'Anna'.

Anastasia: Anastasia is a beautiful posh name for girls that has Greek origins. The name translates to "resurrection".

Angelica: Similarly, Angelica is an originally Latin posh name that translates to "angel".

Annabelle: This classy Scottish name means "graceful".

Antoinette: Antoinette, which is another word for "valuable", is a royal name that has been used throughout history. Queen Marie-Antoinette of France is arguably the most notable example.

Aria: This means "lion of God".

Artemis: An originally Greek name, Artemis has multiple meanings and contexts. It may refer to a Greek goddess or translate to "safe".

Beatrice: Princess Beatrice is a contemporary member of the British Royal Family.

Bethany: In Australia, Bethany is used as a variation of 'Beth'.

Bianca: This famous Shakespearean character's name is defined as "white".

Bijou: In French, Bijou means "jewel".

Brigitte: Brigitte can be traced back to its Gaelic roots, in which it means "strength".

Caledonia: Simply put, Caledonia means "from Scotland".

Candida: Candida translates to "bright white".

Carina: Meaning "dear".

Caterina: Another variation of 'Katherine', Caterina means "pure".

Cecelia: Meaning "blind".

Charlotte: Although the name translates to "free man", Charlotte is a feminine name that can also mean that your daughter is a "free woman".

Christiana: This means "follower of Christ".

Claire: A form of the French name ‘Clara’, Claire means "bright".

Clementine: Meaning "mild" and/or "gentle".

Daniella: Commonly used in Spain, Daniella translates to "God is my judge".

Delilah: Going back to this name's Hebrew roots, Delilah means "delicate".

Diana: If you are looking for a posh and royal name for your daughter, you could name her after the iconic Princess Diana. The meaning of Diana is "divine".

Eleanor: Eleanor, which is originally French, pertains to a "shining light".

Emilia: Emilia, defined as "to emulate", combines between the names "Amalia" and "Emily".

Evangeline: Meaning "good news".

Francesca: This Spanish name means "from France".

Genevieve: Throughout history, Genevieve was a popular name among royals and aristocrats.

Giovanna: Another word for "God is gracious", Giovanna is a version of 'Joanna'.

Gwendolyn: Gwendolyn is commonly used by ruling classes and elites as a posh name for girls.

Hermione: Meaning "well born".

Isabella: In French, Isabella translates to "devoted to God".

Jolie: Jolie, which means "pretty", is both posh and unique.

Juliet: This is a beautiful Shakespearean name for girls.

Lauren: Meaning "laurel plant".

Lilliana: Another version of 'Elizabeth'.

Luciana: Meaning "light".

Madeline: Madeline refers to a "woman from Magdala".

Maria: This version of 'Marie' means "star of the sea".

Meredith: Meredith pertains to a "guardian of the sea". It used to be given to males, but this name is one of the most popular posh names for girls in contemporary times.

Natalia: Natalia refers to a girl that was "born during Christmas". It is also a form of the name "Natalie".

Octavia: Meaning "eight".

Odette: Odette is defined as "wealth".

Olivia: This name is perfect for nature enthusiasts because it means "olive tree".

Penelope: Penelope, another word for "weaver", is an originally mythological name.

Rosalind: This means "beautiful rose".

Serena: Serena pertains to a "calm" person.

Silvia: Silvia is defined as "forest".

Sophia: The meaning of Sophia, which is a popular name among European royal families, is "wisdom".

Valentina: Meaning "strong and healthy", Valentina is the female version of 'Valentine'.

Violetta: This name translates to "violet flower". It is the Italian version of 'Violet'

Violette: In the same vein, Violette means "violet" in Italian.

Virginia: Meaning “chaste”.

Vivienne: Vivienne means "lively".

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