How To Buy a Title

February 10, 2023

Have you ever fantasised about a Lord and Lady title? Well, you can turn this dream into a reality! While there are legal considerations under certain circumstances, it is possible to buy a title or legally change your name to “Lord,” “Lady,” or any other desired title by Deed Poll. Since a Deed Poll is the easiest and most cost-effective way to incorporate a title into your name, let’s explore how to do it! 

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Understanding Titles in the UK

Before we delve into the process of buying a title, it's essential to understand the various types of titles and their significance in the UK. Titles can be broadly categorized into two groups: hereditary titles and life peerages.

Hereditary Titles

Hereditary titles are passed down through generations within a family. These titles include:

Duke/Duchess: The highest rank in the British peerage, Dukes and Duchesses hold significant power and influence. There are currently only 24 dukedoms in the UK.

Marquess/Marchioness: Ranking just below a Duke, a Marquess holds sway over a large territory called a march. This title is relatively rare compared to other hereditary titles.

Earl/Countess: An Earl is the third rank in the British peerage and is equivalent to a European count. Historically, Earls were responsible for governing large areas of land known as earldoms.

Viscount/Viscountess: The fourth rank in the British peerage, Viscounts were initially appointed to assist Earls in their duties. Over time, the role evolved into a hereditary title.

Baron/Baroness: The lowest rank in the British peerage, Barons and Baronesses hold the least power among titled individuals. However, they still enjoy many privileges and social benefits.

Life Peerages

Life peerages are non-hereditary titles bestowed by the monarch, usually on the advice of the Prime Minister. Life peers are often appointed for their significant contributions to society, such as in the fields of politics, business, or the arts. The title of "Lord" or "Baron" is usually granted to life peers, and these titles do not pass down to their heirs.

How can I change my title by Deed Poll?

In order to use a Deed Poll to get the title you want, simply change your first name to Lord or Lady (or any title you choose) and then follow up with your first name. So your name would be changed from Daniel Jones to Lord Daniel Jones, with Lord Daniel being your first name. Alternatively, you could make your first name simply “Lord,” with Daniel becoming your middle name. The choice is yours!

So, what exactly is a Deed Poll? In a nutshell, a Deed Poll is an official legal document that you can use to update your name on important documents, including your passport, driving licence, bank statements, and other legal records.

A Deed Poll shows the following:

  • You’ve given up your old name and started using a new one
  • The date on which you made this change
  • Your signature and the signature of a witness

Changing your name with the UK Deed Poll Office is undoubtedly the cheapest and most straightforward way to add a title to your name. Learn more about how a Deed Poll works, or click the button below to fill out our Deed Poll application!

If you’d like to explore alternative methods of incorporating a title into your name or review the legalities surrounding the process, then just continue scrolling!

Is buying a royal title legal?

Let’s cover the legalities of the process upfront.

In a word, yes - you can legally change your title in the UK. According to UK law, you can call yourself anything you choose, so long as you do not use the title to con or defraud anyone.

However, there’s an important point to clarify here: while you can legally change your name with a Deed Poll or even purchase certain titles, you cannot buy any royal titles in the UK, such as duke, marquess, earl, viscount and baron (or their female equivalents). This also includes the titles “Sir” and “Dame.” It’s illegal for anyone to sell such titles as they can only be inherited or personally appointed by the state or a member of the royal family. Beware of any websites trying to scam people by claiming to sell such titles.

How do I get myself a Lord and Lady Title?

Now that we’ve established that it’s legal, let’s get into the ‘how’.

There are a few different ways someone could get a Lord or Lady titles:

  • Inheritance: You must be born into the title, which isn’t something any of us can control!
  • Auctions: If a Lord or Lady is selling their title along with their manor house, this may be an opportunity to achieve a title. Unsurprisingly, this can be very pricey as it comes with a property.
  • A life peerage: It’s possible for the Head of the Commonwealth to make someone a Lord, based on recommendations by the Prime Minister or the House of Lords Appointments Commission. These people could then sit in the House of Lords. 
  • A title service company: With this accessible and generally cost-effective option, you can buy yourself a Lord or Lady title using a title service company. 
  • Deed Poll: Finally, the easiest and most affordable option is a Deed Poll. With a Deed Poll, simply change your first name to Lord, Lady, or any title desired!

Remember, if you use a title service company or a Deed Poll, this will NOT cause you to become entitled or enjoy the privileges of the peerage. Your title will not give you access to the House of Lords, and it certainly won’t come with a country manor in tow - you simply hold the title in name ONLY.

How much does it cost to buy a Lord or Lady title?

Via Purchase of a Manor: Although getting yourself a legitimate manorial title with all the associated privileges is possible, it’s not exactly cheap. You can expect to buy a Lord title at auction anywhere upwards of £5,000. In many cases, Lordships go for a lot more, including a notable case in the 1990’s when the title ‘Lordship of the Manor of Wimbledon’ was sold for over £150,000. Note that these titles are often sold along with the manor house that they’re associated with, in which case you can expect to pay a pretty penny for them.

Via Title Service Company: When purchased using a title service company, you’ll typically be given a certificate of your title and a title deed. In terms of price, these title packs can be purchased online from between £25 to £200. This is not a manorial title and will not entitle you or bestow new privileges upon you; you will hold your title in name only.

Via Deed Poll: If you choose to obtain a title by changing your name with The UK Deed Poll Office, our Deed Polls start at just £18.50! We have exclusively issued Deed Polls for 8 years, and helped over 136,000 UK citizens to legally change their name. 

Now that you understand the different ways to acquire a title and the associated costs, are you ready to be called “Lord” or “Lady” and change your name with a Deed Poll

It’s important to remember that a Deed Poll does not become legally binding until you sign it alongside a witness and then notify all relevant record-holders, so it’s a fantastic opportunity to have an official name change document at your fingertips without any consequence. Should you decide to move forward with the process of legally changing your name, you can begin it immediately! And should you change your mind, then the Deed Poll documents have changed nothing legally and can be discarded.

Can my title be used on legal documents?

Yes! If you change your name with the UK Deed Poll Office, we will provide you with your physical Deed Poll in the post, along with any duplicate copies that you ordered. The envelope will include our guide on how to properly sign and witness your Deed Poll, as well as a list of organisations you should consider notifying of your name change.

If you purchase your title using a reputable title change service, you should receive A Certificate of Title and Title Deed. In addition, you should expect to be provided with a documentation pack or detailed instructions on how to update all relevant record-holders with your new title.

Considerations and Pitfalls

While purchasing a title in the UK can provide you with social prestige and unique experiences, there are several factors to consider before making such an investment:

  • Legitimacy: Ensure that the title you are purchasing is legitimate and recognized by the appropriate authorities. Be wary of scams or fraudulent offers.
  • Cost: Buying a title can be expensive, so consider whether the social benefits are worth the financial investment.
  • Expectations: Understand that acquiring a title does not grant you any legal rights, privileges, or power beyond the social cachet associated with the title.
  • Maintenance: If you purchase a Scottish feudal barony, consider the costs and responsibilities associated with maintaining the land, property, and any historical buildings that may come with the title.

In conclusion, while buying an authentic hereditary title or life peerage in the UK is impossible, purchasing a Scottish feudal barony, manorial lordship, or acquiring a courtesy title can provide you with the social prestige and unique experiences associated with British nobility. By understanding the types of titles available and carefully considering the costs and benefits, you can make an informed decision about whether buying a title in the UK is right for you.

How Do I Change My Name?


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