Changing Your Babies Name

September 2, 2021

There are many reasons why you might find yourself wanting to change your baby’s name soon after it is born. Although it may seem like a complicated process, this guide will help you learn how to easily change a baby’s name in the UK.

Can I Change My Baby's Name After I’ve Registered it in the UK?

No matter the reason behind wanting to change your baby’s name after its birth, you have the option to. It can be a long process but there are ways to have it done quickly and easily. This section will go through the requirements and demands which need to be satisfied in order to change your baby’s name in the United Kingdom, and how to do it.

You Have One Year to Change it

Once your baby is born and has been registered in the UK, you have one year to change the baby’s name. This may seem like a long time, but parents will tell you that the first year is so busy with discovery, lifestyle changes, and diaper changing, that it goes back in the snap of a finger. This is why getting started with the process right away is essential to getting your baby’s name changed before the allocated time runs out.

Who is Legally Allowed to Change the Name?

One of the key requirements in changing a baby’s name is the request be made by either a parent or legal guardian. A legal guardian is someone either appointed by the parents of the child or by a court depending on the context who has full responsibility over the child until they turn 18.

How to Change Your Baby’s Name

Once you have decided that you want to begin the process of changing your baby’s name, it is important to know exactly where, how, and when to change it. 

In this section, we will look at where you can do the name change, what a deed poll is, and why you need it to change your baby’s name.

Where Can I Make my Baby’s Name Change?

you can make the change at the local register office

mention the paperwork that you will need to change the name with the register office

The General Register Office is where all records including birth certificates, civil partnerships, death, marriage, and adoption information are held. You can go to your local register office with a completed deed poll in order to change information regarding your baby’s name in official documents. You can locate your closest local register using the government link here.

What is a Deed Poll?

In order to change your baby’s name, you will most likely need to fill out a deed poll. A deed poll is a type of “legal document that acts as evidence that you’re started using a new name.” A deed poll is used to certify that someone is using a new name, is recognized by it, and no longer uses their previous one.

Although a deed poll is not needed in all cases, a deed poll is needed in most cases to change your baby’s name. Although the list is long, a few reasons why you would need a deed poll in order to change your baby’s name in the United Kingdom include:

●       If you do not like the current name of your baby

●       If it is for cultural or religious reasons

Deed polls make changing names much easier by eliminating the nitty gritty, difficult bureaucratic steps involved in baby name changing. As a parent or legal guardian, you will need to apply for a deed poll to change your baby’s name. The UK Deed Poll Office makes this process easy and hassle-free.

How to Apply For a Deed Poll

Wondering how to apply to a deed poll to change your baby’s name in the United Kingdom? With the UK Deed Poll Office, the application can be done online in seven easy steps. Remember to send in your deed poll by 3PM between Monday and Friday for the application to be processed the same day.

Applying for a deed poll involves:

●       Completing and paying for the online application

●       Receiving the deed poll with certified copies you have ordered

●       Having a witness of your choice sign the deed poll

If you are wondering who can qualify as a witness, it is not a complicated answer. The witness must be over 18 years of age, a United Kingdom resident, independent from your close circles, be mentally capable of making autonomous decisions, and available for the signing.

How Much Does a Deed Poll Cost?

Fortunately, not only is the UK Deed Poll Office application process straightforward and easy, you won’t have to break the bank for it, either. For a child deed poll, the cost is £18.50. You can follow this link to begin the application process to change your baby’s name.

How Long Does it Take to Change a Baby’s Name?

The time it takes for a name change to be processed will depend on each case. That said, you can expect an average of three to eight weeks of processing time for the name change to be completed. This is why it is crucial to get started as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the more people and places you will have to inform of the change.

Court and Tribunal Fees

If you need a court order, it will cost £215. If you are low-income, you may be able to receive aid from the government. The exact eligibility for receiving financial support when dealing with court fees can be found on the official UNited Kingdom’s government website here.

Reasons Why Parents Change Their Babies’ Names

There are a multitude of reasons why parents might want to change their newborn baby’s name. It might seem like a burden to change your baby’s name, but it is important to know that there are many parents that make this decision, and that you are not alone in this situation. Reasons for changing a baby’s name include:

●       Deciding you do not like the name

●       Having named the baby after something or someone you no longer want it to be associated with

●       Religious or cultural preferences or changes

A name is something which represents the child you put into the world. It is important to feel 100% good with the name, or you might feel guilty for the rest of your life. This is especially important if the name is associated with a place, person, or thing that you no longer want to have the child associated with.

It may also just be a question of personal preference. Hours before giving birth, you may feel pressured to find the perfect name with the stress of having to decide how people will recognize your baby for the rest of its life. Having the possibility of changing a baby’s name can help alleviate that stress, even if it requires going through a certain process. 

Can You Change Your Baby’s Name Without Consent From One of the Parents?

This will depend on the legal status of the responsibility each parent has over the child. In the case that both parents share responsibility over the baby, the consent of each parent is required for the name change. Otherwise, the consenting parent will have to go to court to fight for the name change against the non-consenting parent.

Can You Leave the Hospital Without a Baby Name?

In the United Kingdom, you are allotted 42 days after the birth of your baby to name it. If you do not name it within the allotted time, you will be fined £200. Furthermore, if you refuse to name your child, a government official can legally choose a name for it to go on the birth certificate.


Regardless of the reason behind your decision, the possibility of changing your baby’s name in the United Kingdom exists. It may at first sight appear to be a difficult and strenuous process, but if you start the application and documentation early, there is no reason for it to take up too much time or energy in your life.

As you look through new name possibilities, there are name generators and articles available to help you find the perfect name.

By going through this guide, you can rest assured that you can begin the process of changing your baby’s name in full confidence. Don’t forget to start filling out your deed poll today in order to get the changes and process done as quickly and smoothly as possible. Good luck!

How Do I Change My Name?


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