Why Change Your Legal Name? | Why Apply for a Deed Poll?

Why Change Your Legal Name and How to Do It by Deed Poll

This page will try to explain why many people might want to apply for a Deed Poll, and why they should apply for their Deed Poll from UK Deed Poll Online Office Ltd.

Why do people apply for a Deed Poll?

There are many reasons why people decide to change their name, including the following:

  • Because they do not like the name they were given at birth
  • Because their given name is strange or difficult to spell
  • To make their name sound more English
  • To correct a mistake made upon registration of their birth
  • Because a couple are getting married and the wife does not want to take only her husband’s surname
  • Because same-sex partners want to have an entirely new or combined surname and not simply take one of their current surnames
  • Because a person wants their name to reflect their new gender
  • To reflect a religious conversion
  • For a person’s name to make some kind of political or other statement
  • Because of a divorce
  • To prevent being found by a former partner.

Why should you apply for a Deed Poll at ukdeedpolloffice.org?

Using ukdeedpolloffice.org to change your name by Deed Poll will provide you with a fast, effective and simple way of legally changing your name.  If you follow the steps set out below, you will have all the documents you need to ensure that you can change your name, and notify all relevant organisations and bodies, so that your new name can be used by you and fully recognised by others.

Changing your name is a legal matter; you can change your name simply by using a new name, however, in order to use your new name in your passport, driving licence and on bank cards, you will most probably need a Deed Poll.

There are some circumstances when you can change your name without needing a Deed Poll, such as upon marriage.  However, even in those circumstances, it may be quicker, or more convenient to use a Deed Poll.  There are other ways for you to obtain a Deed Poll, but these will be likely to cost significantly more than using UK Deed Poll Online Office Ltd.

Just follow this simple procedure:

  • Order securely online

Simply click on the “Apply now” button below.  This will direct you to our secure payment and checkout page, where you will have to provide some details about yourself and payment for our Deed Poll service.

As you will see on our payment page, the methods of payment that we accept are most credit and debit cards.

Once you have clicked on the “Order Deed Poll” button, we will send you confirmation of your order by e-mail.  We will send you this e-mail on the same day, if you ordered your Deed Poll before 3 p.m. on a working day.

  • Your Deed Poll will arrive in the post

We will send you your Deed Poll in the post, along with any duplicate copies that you ordered and our guidance on how to properly sign and witness your Deed Poll.  We will also send you our list of organisations you should consider notifying of your name change, and our draft Covering Letter.

If you ordered your Deed Poll before 3 p.m. on a working day, provided your delivery address is in the UK, we will send you these documents within 2 working days by first class post.

  • Sign, date and witness your Deed Poll

On receipt of your Deed Poll and duplicates, you should sign, date and have them witnessed in accordance with our instructions document entitled “How to execute your Deed Poll”.

If you then look at the instructions document entitled “List of Bodies to Notify”, you can decide which of those bodies and organisations you should notify of your name change.  You can copy and adapt the document entitled “draft Covering Letter”, to write to the relevant bodies to notify them of your change of name, and request that they send you any relevant updated document, such as passport, driving licence, bank cards etc.


  • Because we will provide you with our excellent service right from the start and at a low cost.
  • Because we will provide you with a well-presented Deed Poll, printed on high quality paper and sent to you in a plain envelope to preserve confidentiality.
  • Because we provide you with a guarantee that your Deed Poll will be accepted by all relevant organisations, subject to our Terms & Conditions.

How to apply

Apply now using our fast, simple and secure online application form and make payment with Paypal or Credit Card.
Once we have received your order we will print your Deed Poll and have it sent out on the same day via Royal Mail 1st class completely free of charge within UK.
Once you have received your Deed Poll kit, you should get it signed and witnessed in accordance with our guidance notes supplied to you with the order kit.