Spanish Names for Boys

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Spanish Boy's names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Spanish baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Spanish sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Spanish names

Spanish Names for Boys: Spain

Alejandro: This was among the 10 most popular names in Spain in 2020. Alejandro is derived from the Greek name 'Alexandros', and it pertains to "defending men".

Alvaro: The Spanish version of the originally-German name 'Alfher', Alvaro translates to "elf army" or "elf warrior".

Angel: This name can be traced back to a mythological heavenly creature in ancient Greece, and it means "messenger".

Antonio: A Spanish variation of 'Anthony'.

Carlos: Carlos is derived from 'Charles'.

Daniel: Also one of the top 10 names in Spain in terms of popularity, Daniel has Hebrew roots and it means "God is my judge".

Diego: While the origins and definition of this name are unclear, many notable and well-known historical figures in the Spanish-speaking world held this title.

Gabriel: In its original Hebrew format, Gabriel translates to "God is my strong man". It was the 37th most common masculine Spanish name in 2020.

Gonzalo: This name potentially means "safe war". It was given to 11th-century Spanish bishop Saint Gonzalo.

Hugo: The Spanish version of 'Hugh', this was the highest-used name in Spain 

Izan: Izan is a Spanish variant of the English name 'Ethan', which, in turn, is derived from Hebrew. This classic and expressive title indicates that your son is "enduring", "firm", and/or "solid".

Javier: Javier means "new house".

Jorge: Another word for "farmer", Jorge is the Spanish and Portuguese equivalent of 'George'.

Jose: A form of 'Joseph', naming your baby boy Jose denotes that "he will add" something new to your family.

Juan: Defined as "God is gracious", Juan is the Spanish version of 'John'.

Luca: Luca is the Spanish synonym of 'Luke'.

Marco: An excellent choice for parents who are looking for a religious and pious name, Marco is another form of 'Mark'. This title was held by some of the most well-known Christian figures in history.

Mario: This name represents the Roman god of war, 'Mars'.

Martín: In the same vein, the origins of the name Martín go back to 'Mars’, the Roman mythological god.

Matteo: Matteo is a version of 'Matthew'. A traditional and precious title for your baby boy, Matteo means "gift of God".

Miguel: A form of 'Michael'.

Pablo: Derived from 'Paul', which translates to "humble".

Rodrigo: Meaning "famous ruler", Rodrigo is the Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian equivalent of 'Roderick'.

Sergio: Defined as "servant".

Thiago: The Spanish variation of 'James'.

Spanish Names for Boys: Mexico and the United States

The following list of Mexican boy names (most of which have Spanish origins) are particularly common in Mexico and the U.S:

Adrián: This name suggests that your son is "from Hadria".

Andrés: Meaning "masculine", Andrés is a great way to tell the world that you have a strong and manly son.

Arturo: Meaning "bear king".

Eduardo: Eduardo is a name that connotes that your baby boy is a "rich guard".

Felipe: Defined as "friend of horses".

Fernando: This pertains to a "brave journey".

Francisco: Francisco refers to a "Frenchman".

Gerardo: Meaning "spear".

Jesús: Jesús translates to "God of salvation".

Leonardo: An elegant and classy name, Leonardo symbolizes a "brave lion".

Luis: Another word for "battle".

Pedro: Meaning "stone".

Rafael: A pious and religious name, Rafael is synonymous with "God heals".

Raul: Meaning "wolf".

Ricardo: This royal and aristocratic title is a great way to highlight that your son will be a "brave ruler".

Roberto: Meanwhile, this classic and expressive name pertains to "bright fame".

Santiago: The Spanish form of 'Saint James'.

Spanish Names for Boys: Spanish-Speaking Latin America and Equatorial Guinea

Brayan: The Spanish variant of 'Brian', Brayan is among the top baby names from South America.

Bruno: Meaning "brown".

David: This originally-Hebrew title is one of the top Equatorial Guinean names in recent times. Keep in mind that it's Spanish pronunciation of David is different from that of other languages.

Gustavo: Gustavo means "glory". It is among the top 100 first names in South America.

Manuel: Derived from the Hebrew name 'Emmanuel', which translates to "God is with us".

Paulo: The name Paulo can be traced back to the Latin title of 'Paulus', which is a form of 'Paul'.

Salvador: In Latin, Salvador is defined as "savior". It is a popular name in Equatorial Guinea.

Sebastian: Sebastian pertains to a "venerable", "revered", and "admired/respected" son.

Vicente: Vicente is another word for "conquering".

Going forward, you can divide these lists into further categories, such as those that pertain to religious or royal titles. When combined with the linguistically and regionally-diverse options that we outlined, you will almost certainly find the perfect name for your baby boy.

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