Scottish Names for Girls

December 31, 2021

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Scottish names for girls. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Scottish sounding baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Scottish sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Scottish names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Scottish names for girls.

A-H: Scottish Names for Girls

Ainsley: Meaning “meadow”.

Ainslie: While Ainslie was originally the name of an ancient family in Lanarkshire, it is still used as a contemporary first name for girls.

Annabelle: A common female name in Scotland that translates to “beautiful and graceful”.

Arabella: This is a Scottish variation of Annabelle. Arabella, as a first name, can also pertain to a village in Scotland.

Blair: In its original Gaelic form, Blair can mean “plain”, “field”, and/or “battlefield”.

Bonnie: Meaning “beautiful”, “charming”, and “pretty”.

Camdyn: This unisex name refers to a person who is from the winding valley.

Cameron: Cameron is a unisex name that means “crooked nose”.

Catriona: Meaning “pure”, Catriona is the Scottish version of ‘Katherine’.

Cullodena: The Battle of Cullodena is one of the most influential occurrences in Scottish history. The name means “from the broken mossy ground”.

Davina: The female version of ‘David’, Davina means “little deer”.

Edina: Meaning “wealthy”.

Eilidh: This name has two translations: “Sun” and “radiant person”.

Elspeth: The Scottish form of ‘Elizabeth’, Elspeth indicates that the name holder has been chosen by God.

Finella: Finella is a Scottish name that is derived from the Irish name Finola, and it means “white shoulder”.

Fiona: Fiona pertains to a fair or feminine girl.

Greer: This means “alert” and “watchful”. Greer’s origins are traced to the last name ‘Gregor’.

Gwyneth: Meaning “blessed”.

Hamish: Meaning “highlander”.

Heather: Derived from “haeddre” (a Scottish word), Heather is a name that refers to heathland/shrubland residents.

I-O: Scottish Names for Girls

Iona: This name pertains to an individual that lives on the king’s island.

Isla: Similarly, the roots of the name Isla go back to the island of Islay.

Jackie: Jackie translates to “God has been gracious”.

Jean: Meaning “gracious”.

Kay: Kay means “fire”.

Kenzie: Meaning “the fair one”.

Kin: A girl that comes from the summit of a class.

Kirsty: Kirsty, which pertains to Christ, is the Scottish variation of ‘Christine’ and ‘Kirsten’.

Kyla: Meaning “narrow” and “slender”, Kyla is the female form of ‘Kyle’.

Leith: Meaning “wet”.

Lennox: Lennox is a unisex name that describes a person who comes from the field of elm trees in Macbeth, a Shakesperean play.

Lesley: Lesley means the “Garden of Holy”.

Lindsay: Meaning the “Island of Linden Tree” (to clarify, linden translates to “lime”).

Liusaidh: Liusaidh has three meanings: “Elegant person”, “graceful”, and “a shining light”.

Lorna: Lorna is derived from the laurel tree, which symbolizes honor and victory.

Mackinley: Meaning “son of Kinley”, Mackinley is a unisex name that is suitable for both boys and girls.

Maisie: Maisie is defined as “pearl”.

Marcail: This name pertains to a “little pearl”.

Morag: Morag is the Scottish equivalent for “Sarah”, and it translates to “princess”.

Nairna: Nairna is a dwelling girl at the Alder Tree River.

Nessa: Meaning someone who is “pure”.

Niamh: Niamh means “beauty and brightness”.

Oighrig: Oighrig is another word for “the new speckled one”.

P-Z: Scottish Names for Girls

Paisley: Paisley is a name that is used to refer to a colorful pattern that was initially made in Paisley, Scotland.

Peyton: Meaning “warriors village”.

Quinn: This name describes wisdom and intelligence.

Rae: Rae means “grace”.

Raegan: Meaning “king” (for males) or “ruler” (for females).

Rhiannon: Rhiannon translates to “great queen”.

Roisin: In the Gaelic language, Roisin means “little flower”.

Rose: This means “flower”.

Sandy: A unisex name that means “defender of man”.

Silease: Meaning “youthful”.

Skye: The roots of this name come from the Scottish Isle of Skye.

Teagan: The meaning of Teagan is “poet”.

Torey: Meaning “from the craggy hills”.

Una: Another word for “lamb”.

Vanora: Wanora means “white wave”.

Wynfreda: Wynfreda pertains to a person “from the narrow passage”.

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