Russian Names for Girls

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Russian Girl's names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Russian baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Russian sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Russia names

Russian Names for Girls: A-J

Akilina: Meaning "eagle", Akilina is one of the most elegant and expressive Russian baby names.

Aleksandra: An ideal name for a protective and nurturing daughter, Aleksandra translates to "defender of man".

Alexis: In the same vein, Alexis also means "defender of man" in Russian.

Alina: This name refers to a "bright" and "beautiful" girl. It is among the most popular Russian baby names.

Alisa: A Russian word for "great happiness".

Anastasia: Defined as "resurrection".

Anya: Anya is one of the Russian first names that are derived from other languages. It is a version of 'Anna', an originally-Hebrew name that highlights that your daughter is a "gift of God's favor".

Bohdana: The name indicates that your baby girl is "from God".

Cyzarine: Meaning "royalty".

Czarina: An ideal choice for parents who are looking for a title that signifies royalty, Czarina is the female version of 'czar'. To clarify, the czars ruled the Russian Empire up until the early 1900s.

Dominika: The name pertains to a daughter who was "born on Sunday".

Doroteya: Defined as "God's gift".

Dusana: Dusana symbolizes the "spirit" or "soul".

Ekaterina: Ekaterina translates to "perfect".

Feodora: This name means "God's gift".

Helenka: Meaning "light".

Helga: A pious and lovely name for your baby girl, Helga conveys that your daughter is "holy".

Inessa: A format of the Spanish name 'Inez', Inessa pertains to "purity".

Jelena: A wonderful name that suggests that your newborn girl is a "shining light".

Russian Names for Girls: K-P

Kira: An excellent title for a natural-born leader, Kira refers to a "leader of the people". 

Kisa: This cute name means "kitty".

Kiska: Meaning "pure".

Lanassa: A name that implies that your daughter is "cheerful".

Lara: Lara is another word for "famous".

Larisa: Meaning "cheerful".

Larissa/Laryssa/Lari: This marvelously comforting name simply means "protection".

Luda: Defined as "love of the people".

Maria: A globally-popular name, Maria denotes that you have a baby girl who is "of the sea" in its Russian format.

Miesha: The feminine version of 'Michael', which translates to "gift from God" in Hebrew.

Mila: Mila shows that your daughter is "loved by the people".

Milena: Similarly, Milena means "people's love".

Miroslava: This authentic and enchanting name symbolizes "peaceful glory".

Mischa: If you're looking for religious Russian names for girls, Mischa should be on your shortlist. It suggests that you have a baby "who is like God".

Nadia/Nadya/Nadine: The meaning of each of the three formats of this classic name is "hope".

Natalya: Another pious and religious title, Natalya is defined as "birthday of Christ".

Nikita: Nikita is the Russian variant of 'Nike', the name of the mythological Greek goddess of victory.

Ninette: The name 'Anne' represents "favor" or "grace". Ninette is its Russian form.

Oksana: Oksana means "praise to God".

Olga: A name that expresses that your daughter is "holy".

Olien: Olien indicates that your baby girl is a "dear one".

Polina: Polina is an authentic Russian name that refers to a "humble" person.

Russian Names for Girls: R-Z

Raissa: A classic and beautiful name that's widespread across many cultures, Raissa translates to "rose" in Russian.

Sasha: This unisex name connotes that your daughter is a "defender of mankind".

Sashenka: Sahenka, meanwhile, has a more expanded definition. It means "defender and helper of mankind".

Savina: Savina implies that your baby girl is from the ancient Italian tribe of Sabine.

Sezja: Meaning "protector".

Sofia: A smart and elegant title, Sofia pertains to "wisdom".

Tanya: The meaning of this gorgeous feminine name depends on whether it's used in a Russian or Russian and Slavic context. In its pure Russian format, Tanya means "fairy princess", while its Russian and Slavic definition is "fairy queen".

Tatiana: A lovely name that's prevalent in many Western countries, Tatiana has the same meanings as Tanya.

Ulyana: Ulyana highlights that you have a "youthful" daughter.

Vanka: Vanka is a name that denotes a girl who is "favored by God".

Vanya: This title signifies that your baby is a "gracious gift from God".

Verushka: Although the Russian meaning of this name is unclear, Verushka translates to "truthful" and "defender" in the Latin and Teutonic languages, respectively.

Viktoria: A popular aristocratic title, Viktoria is synonymous with "victory".

Yana: Yana means "gift from God".

Yelena: This name symbolizes "light".

Yeva: A beautiful and lively name, Yeva conveys that you have a "life-giving" daughter.

Yulia: The Russian form of 'Julia', which pertains to a "youthful" girl.

Zagir: Meaning "flower".

Zilya: Zilya is a Russian word for "harvester".

Whether you prefer a religious and/or aristocratic name, an original and authentic Russian title, or a simple and straightforward one, this list should give you at least a handful of ideas, if not more.

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