Royal Names for Girls

December 31, 2021

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Royal names for girls. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a royal baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more royal sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular royal names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular royal names for girls.

Arabic Royal Names for Girls

Here are the names of some of the Arab world's most magnificent female royals:

  • al Jawhara: Meaning "jewel" or "gem", al Jawhara is a name held by a couple of well-known Saudi Arabian royal family princesses.
  • Fahda: Fahda is the name of the wife of King Abdulaziz, the founder of Saudi Arabia, and the mother of his son, Abdullah, who went on to become monarch. This is the female version of 'Fahd', and it means "leopard".
  • Hessa//Hussa: This name has two meanings: "A share of something" and "pearl". 
  • Iman: The daughter of the king and queen of Jordan is named Iman, which is the Arabic word for "faith".
  • Maha: Maha translates to "wild cow", and it's used to describe a female with beautiful and graceful eyes.
  • Noor: This name was given to the former queen of Jordan, and it simply means "light".
  • Noura: Noura bint Abdulrahman Al Saud is a renowned Saudi princess. Her name is popular across the Arabian Peninsula, and it means "the only light".
  • Rania: As the name of the former queen of Jordan (and one that is used by many Arabic families all over the Middle East), Rania pertains to observing something for prolonged periods and without blinking.
  • Salma: Salma refers to "safety". It is also the name of the wife of the king of Morocco.
  • Sumaya: Meaning "unique".

British Royal Names for Girls

Meanwhile, below are traditional and historically-rooted British aristocratic royal names, followed by some famous European ones.

  • Alice: The name of one of Queen Victoria's daughters, Alice means "noble".
  • Anne: Anne means "grace" and "favored by God".
  • Arabella: Meaning "beautiful altar".
  • Augusta: This name pertains to a girl that is "majestic".
  • Beatrice: Defined as the "bringer of gladness", Beatrice is another name of one of Queen Victoria's daughters.
  • Caroline: Caroline refers to "a free person".
  • Eleanor: This contemporary royal name means "light of the sun".
  • Elizabeth: Not only is this the name of the current queen of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, but Elizabeth is also a beautiful and faith-oriented name that describes a person who is "consecrated to God".
  • Emma: Meaning "healer of the universe".
  • Helena: One of Queen Victoria's daughters, Helena means "the light of the sun".
  • Jane: Simply put, this popular name translates to "God is gracious".
  • Louise: Meaning "renowned in battle", Queen Victoria named one of her daughters Louise.
  • Matilda: A unique and classy name, Matilda refers to a "might battle maiden".
  • Victoria: As the name suggests, Victoria means "the victorious one".

European Royal Names for Girls

  • Alexandrine: This originally-German name describes a girl who is a "defender of mankind".
  • Alexia: Alexia is the Greek version of 'Alexandrine', which is also the feminine form of 'Alexander'.
  • Antoinette: The second part of the name of Marie-Antoinette, one of the most famous French queens in history.
  • Catharina: As the heir apparent to the monarchy of the Netherlands, Catharina-Amalia will likely be among the next queens of Europe.
  • Cecilia: In German, Cecilia can either pertain to a "blind one" or mean "the sixth".
  • Charlotte: A common, beautiful, and traditional name, Charlotte is defined as "little woman" in German.
  • Estelle: Princess Estelle is next in line to be the queen of Sweden.
  • Ingrid: Princess Ingrid of Norway is set to become her country's second female monarch in history.
  • Marguerite: If you choose to name your daughter after this former queen of France, you can nickname her 'Margot'.
  • Martha: This Norwegian name means "lady".

Japanese Royal Names for Girls

Alternatively, you may name your baby girl after some well-known Japanese rulers and empresses:

  • Abe: Empress Abe ruled Japan during the 8th century.
  • Ahe: Another version of 'Abe', Ahe was also the name of a former Japanese empress.
  • Jingu: Jingu was Japan's first empress.
  • Nukatabe: This was the name of a Japanese empress who was in power for 35 years.
  • Okiko: The modern form of the historical Japanese name 'Meisho'.
  • Takara: Takara translates to "jewel" and "treasure".
  • Toshiko: This name means "clever", "sharp", and "quick".

Russian Royal Names for Girls

  • Anastasia: This beautiful and historic Russian name is popular in the Western world, and it means "she who will rise again".
  • Natalia: Ideal for a daughter that was birthed in December, the meaning of Natalia is "born at Christmas" 
  • Olga: The female version of 'Oleg', Olga is defined as "the holy one".
  • Tatiana: Tatiana pertains to a Russian clan.
  • Xenia: This unique and beautiful name means "welcome".

Spanish Royal Names for Girls

  • Cristina: One of the contemporary European royals, Cristina is King Felipe VI of Spain's sister and former King Juan Carlos's daughter.
  • Elena: Meaning "light of the sun".
  • Leonor: Princess Leonor is next in line to assume the Spanish throne.
  • Margarita: Margarita is the Duchess of Soria, Duchess of Hernani​, and the sister of former King Juan Carlos.
  • María: This elegant and traditional name was held by Margarita's older sister.

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