Muslim Names for Girls

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Muslim Girl's names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Muslim baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Muslim sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Muslim names

Muslim Names for Girls Derived from the Quran and Hadith

There are several prominent female figures in Islamic history and teachings. 

Additionally, many feminine terms from the Quran (the holy scripture in Islam) and Hadith (the Prophet Mohammed’s sayings and quotes) were adopted as first names for girls in Islamic societies.

What that in mind, here is a list of various noteworthy Muslim names for girls:

Aamina: One of the popular Arabic baby names, Aamina pertains to a girl who is safe from all evil and wrongdoing. It is also the name of the Prophet Mohammed's mother.

Aisha: In the same vein, Aisha is the title of one of the Prophet Mohammed's wives and among the most beautiful Arabic names for children. Simply put, it means the "one who is alive''.

Bisharah: The name of a famous Hadith narrator that translates to "good news".

Fatima: Meaning "captivating", Fatima was the Prophet Mohammed's daughter.

Kauser: This is among the best Muslim baby names if you're looking for a delightful Quranic title for your daughter. Kauser is a "river in paradise" and "fountain in heaven".

Khadija: Defined as "trustworthy", Khadija was the Prophet Mohammed's first wife. It's one of the best choices for those who are looking for classical and religious Arabic first names.

Mariam: The Arabic version of 'Mary', Mariam was the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and his wife, Khadija.

Qailah: One of the Prophet Mohammed's companions was called 'Qailah'.

Qameer: Qameer was the name of a Hadith narrator who regularly accompanied the Prophet Mohammed's wife, Aisha.

Rayyan: Rayyan is one of heaven's gates in Islam.

Salihat: Meaning "good deeds".

Samawat: An Arabic word for "skies" and "heaven".

Shaheeda: Meaning "martyr".

Tanzila: This name implies that your baby girl is "one who comes from the heavens".

Udaysah: Udaysah was the title of another female Hadith narrator.

Arabic Muslim Names for Girls

Arabic is the original language of the Quran and Hadith. Therefore, it is very common for parents in Arab communities to give their children names in their native tongue that have Islamic connotations.

Aabidah: This translates to "worshiper".

Aakifah: The name suggests that your daughter is "one who stays in the mosque (and away from people) to worship Allah (God)".

Aamina bee: Aamina bee conveys that you have a "blessed" daughter.

Anum: Meaning "mercy of God".

Dhakirah: Dhakirah is a name that signifies that your daughter "remembers God frequently".

Dua: Dua is an Arabic word for "prayer to God".

Fardowsa: A classical and enchanting name, Fardowsa is the feminine version of 'Fardaws', which is the holiest garden in paradise.

Hajja: This name refers to a woman who participated in the annual Islamic pilgrimage known as 'Hajj'.

Heba: Heba is a beautiful title that has two definitions: "The gift of God" and "generous gift".

Iffaa: This highlights that your baby girl will be "one who keeps her faith alive".

Iman: Iman means "faith".

Rida: The name Rida expresses that your daughter is "a pious person who is devoted to God". Rida also translates to "acceptance" in Arabic.

Rizwana: Meaning "acceptance" and "content", Rizwana implies that the name holder is accepting of and content with what God has given her.

Sakeena/Sakinah: This lovely name indicates that your daughter has a "God-inspired peace of mind" and symbolizes "tranquility".

Taaliah: Taaliah pertains to a "woman who recites the Quran often" and is "devoted to God".

Taiba: Meanwhile, Taiba is defined as a "woman who loves to repent to God for all the sins".

Takeya: Takeya represents a woman who is "God fearing".

Thana: This means "gratitude".

Zahida: Zahida is a name that conveys that your newborn girl will be "restrained" and "devoted to God".

Muslim Names for Girls from Other Cultures

As Islam started to spread around the world, different societies adopted Muslim first names in their native tongue's format.

The following are Afghani, Azerbaijani, Bosnian, Kurdish, Malay, Persian, Sindhi, Swahili, Turkish, and Urdu Muslim names for girls:

Ayşe: This is the Turkish version of 'Aisha'.

Cennet: The Turkish word for "paradise".

Fatma: Fatma is a variant of the name 'Fatima' that's used by Arabic, Azerbaijani, Kurdish, and Turkish-speaking parents.

Fatoş: This is a purely Turkish variation of 'Fatima'.

Havva: Another Turkish name, is a form of 'Eve'.

Ibtihal: Meaning "prayer" in Sindhi, a language that's spoken in certain parts of India and Pakistan.

Irem: In Kurdish (which is the native tongue of the Kurds, an ethnic group of people who live across Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey), Irem translates to "gardens in heaven".

Jasrah: Jasrah is defined as a "female narrator of Hadith" in Sindhi.

Kader: Kader is a Turkish word for "fate" and "destiny".

Mabrura: This name denotes that your daughter is "a pious girl or woman who is accepted by God" in Malay, a language that's used in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries in Southeast Asia.

Muniba: Meaning "one who is devoted to God" in Bosnian.

Mümine: In Turkish, Mümine means "believer".

Safa/Sefa: This Persian and Turkish name refers to 'Safa', one of the two hills in Mecca that Muslims walk between as part of the Hajj pilgrimage ritual.

Saimah: While Saimah translates to "fasting" in Arabic, this pious name is mostly prevalent in Sindhi-speaking societies.

Senadina: Meaning "glow of faith" in Bosnian.

Şevval: Şevval is the Turkish version of the tenth month in the Islamic calendar year, 'Shawwal', and a feminine Muslim name for girls.

Tanjia: A gorgeous title, Tanjia means "she who brings salvation" in Urdu. To clarify, Urdu is Pakistan's official language and one that's spoken in other nearby countries.

Taqadus: Another Urdu name, Taqadus symbolizes "faith" and/or "divinity".

Taqdees: Meaning "purity", "sanctity", and/or "holiness", this originally-Arabic and elegant name is widely given to newborn baby girls by Malay-speaking parents.

Taraji: Taraji is a Swahili word for "hope".

Tasneem: An Afghani term for "fountain of paradise".

Yashfa: This is one of the deepest and most religious Muslim names for girls. It suggests that your daughter is a person "who intercedes on behalf of someone on Judgment Day". Although Yashfa is derived from an Arabic word, it is frequently used as a first name in Afghanistan.

Yesna: Yesna is defined as "prayer" and "worship" in Persian.

Yezda: Simply put, this means "divine creature" in Kurdish.

In conclusion, regardless of your linguistic and scriptural preferences, our expanded list of Muslim names should help you pick a suitable title for your baby girl.

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