Mexican Names for Boys

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Mexican Boy's names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Mexican baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Mexican sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Mexican names

Widely-Used Mexican Names for Boys

First of all, here is a list of common masculine Mexican names. Most of them are derived from Spanish and other European languages.

Adrián: This among the Mexican boy names that have various linguistic roots. In Spanish, Hungarian, and Slovak, Adrián refers to someone "from Hadria", an Italian town.

Agustín: A first name that was held by members of the Mexican nobility throughout different points in history.

Alejandro: Meaning "defender".

Alvaro: This unique title translates to "elf army" in Spanish and Portuguese.

Andrés: An ideal name for baby boys, Andrés is defined as "masculine".

Antonio: While the Spanish connotation of this name is unknown, Antonio is an excellent choice for parents who are looking for a classic and sophisticated title for their son.

Arturo: Meaning "bear king".

Carlos: Another great option for a name that expresses masculinity, the meaning of Carlos is "man".

Daniel: Daniel is an originally-Hebrew title that is widespread across Mexico and many other parts of the world. Daniel translates to "God is my judge".

Diego: This name pertains to a "teacher".

Eduardo: As a first name, Eduardo conveys that your baby boy is a "rich guard".

Felipe: Meaning "friend of horses".

Fernando: An elegant and gorgeous name, Fernando symbolizes a "brave journey".

Francisco: In Portuguese and Spanish, Francisco is a word for "Frenchman" (i.e. a man from France).

Gerardo: This name symbolizes a "spear".

Hubertus: Prince Hubertus is a famous Mexican businessman and singer who descends from the family that ruled parts of Germany.

Javier: Meaning "new house".

Jesús: A religious and deeply-expressive name, Jesús conveys that your baby boy is a "God of salvation".

Jorge: This simple yet elegant name is defined as "farmer" in Spanish and Portuguese.

José: By giving your son this title, you imply that "he will add" something new to your family.

Juan: Juan is a Spanish and Manx name that expresses that "Yaweh is gracious". To clarify, Juan goes back to Hebrew origins, and Yaweh is a term that references "God" in the Old Testament.

Luis: Meaning "battle".

Manuel: This linguistically-rich title is derived from Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Greek, Italian, and Romanian roots.

Marco: Marco is an equivalent of 'Mars', a Roman god, that blends Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish linguistic elements.

Mateo: Mateo suggests that your baby boy is a "gift of Yaweh/God".

Maximilian: An aristocratic name that was held by Mexican nobles.

Pablo: Meaning "humble".

Pedro: Pedro is a Spanish and Portuguese word for "stone".

Pierre: Another aristocratic and royal name.

Rafael: This popular name is defined as "God heals".

Raul: Meaning "wolf".

Ricardo: Ricardo implies that your son is a "brave ruler".

Roberto: In Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, Roberto refers to "bright fame".

Salvador: Salvador de Iturbide y Huarte was the son of the former Mexican Empress, Ana Maria Huarte. 

Santiago: The Spanish and Portuguese version of "Saint James".

Two-Parted Mexican Names for Boys

Francisco Javier: As a two-part name, Francisco Javier may mean "Frenchman" and/or "the new house".

José Luis: Meaning "he will add" and/or "battle".

Juan Carlos: Defined as either "Yaweh/God is gracious" and/or "man".

Miguel Ángel: This name translates to "who is like God" and/or "angel".

Indigenous Mexican Names for Boys

While most Mexican male and female titles are derived from European languages, there are still many baby boy and girl names native to Mexico and its indigenous communities.

Atl: Atl is a Nahua name that means "water".

Atlahua: In the same vein, this Nahua title refers to an "owner of water".

Canneo: Canneo is a common name among the Pame indigenous community, and it means "birth of water".

Danaá: Meaning "stream".

Erendirani: This unisex Purépecha name translates to "happy".

Hasen: Another unisex title, Hasen, a Mazateco name, means "soul".

Hedía: The name of the Otomi "God of wind".

Ikal: Ikal means "spirit" in Mayan.

Iktan: Meaning "clever", Iktan is a Mayan unisex name.

Irepani: This indicates that your son is a "founder".

Itzamatul: A unisex name that suggests that your baby boy is one "who has the grace of the sky".

Kabil: Meanwhile, Kabil pertains to "he who has a good hand to sow".

Kasakir: This means "daybreak".

Maatiaak: Among the Quiché communities, the meaning of Maatiaak is "desert".

Masawa: Defined as "evening wind".

Naran: An indigenous Triqui unisex name that symbolizes "lunar eclipse".

Nima: Nima is a suitable title for both boys and girls, and it means "big".

Polo: Polo is another word for "sea" in Quiché societies.

Rahui: Meaning "day".

Semeel jak: A Kiliwa word for "forest".

Seti: A Mazateco unisex name that translates to "bright".

Séneca: Séneca is a male title that highlights that your baby boy is like a "spring of water".

Shanarani: Meaning "walker", this is a unisex name that's given to boys and girls in the Purépecha community.

Surem: Meaning "ancestors"

Suré: A unisex name that suggests that its holder "has heart".

Taiyari: Members of the huichol society give this warm and lovely title to boys and girls alike. It means "our heart".

Tanok: Tanok is a word that represents "sun" in the Tepehuan language.

Tlayolotl: A deep and expressive potential name for your son, Tlayolotl pertains to the "heart of the earth".

Tsijiari: A perfect choice for newborn baby boys, Tsijiari means "little sun".

Yooko: Meaning “tiger”.

Now that you read this list, you probably have a few ideas when it comes to choosing a name for your baby boy. Keep in mind that your options are plenty when it comes to meanings, linguistic origins, and symbolism.

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