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Foreign Nationals - If I am a foreign national living in the UK, can I change my name by deed poll?

If you are a foreign national and you want to change your name via deed poll click on the button below.


You can still use a Deed Poll, but this will only potentially be effective for updating your documents and records in the UK.  Even only updating your documents in the UK may be dependent on whether or not you can update your passport whilst in the UK.  This is because, to update your documents in the UK, you must be changing your name “for all purposes” and if you cannot update your passport, you may not be able to show that you have changed your name "for all purposes”.

In order to update your passport, documents and records in your country of origin, you will have to follow the procedure in your country of origin.  We recommend that you check with your Embassy or High Commission in the UK, what the procedure for you would be.  You should ask if your country of origin would accept your change of name by Deed Poll, if they will issue a new passport and if they have any special requirements for your Deed Poll to be recognised.  For instance, they may require your Deed Poll to be witnessed by a solicitor, or “legalised”.  

Whatever the requirements are in your country of origin, you should always ensure that your passport, travel bookings and tickets are all in the same name before you travel, or you may be denied entry into a country, or refused passage on an aircraft.  Also, if your travel between countries involves use of a visa, some visas may automatically expire when a passport is renewed.  You should bear this in mind when updating your passport, if, for instance, your return to the UK depends upon the inclusion of a valid visa.


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