Latin Names for Girls

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Latin Girl's names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Latin baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Latin sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Latin names

Common Latin Names for Girls

The following list entails Latin first names that are commonly used around the world today.

Adria: Meaning "dark one", Adria is the female version of 'Adrian'.

Alba: This name pertains to "a thick vegetation".

Amanda: A warm and loving way to embrace your newborn child, Amanda signifies that your baby girl is "worthy of love". It is one of the most popular Latin girl names in contemporary times.

Caydence: A unisex title and an excellent choice for music enthusiasts, Caydence is another word for "rhythm".

Clara: A great way for highlighting that you have a "bright and clear" daughter.

Emily: This is Latin for "to excel".

Gloria: A stylish and glamorous name, the meaning of Gloria is "glory".

Julia: This name indicates that your daughter is "youthful and downy".

Lilian: Lilian expresses that your sweet baby girl is like a lily flower.

Luna: An adorable name, Luna pertains to "the moon".

Margarita: This name has two denotations. In Latin, it means "pearl". The Greek and Persian variations, on the other hand, symbolize a "child of light".

Nora: Nora refers to an "honorable one".

Nova: In Latin, Nova translates to "new".

Olivia: Simply put, Olivia means "olive tree".

Ruby: A great title for showing how valuable and dear your daughter is, Ruby is defined as a "deep red precious stone". 

Serina: This name refers to a "serene" and "calm" baby girl.

Sofia: The meaning of this originally-Greek name is "wisdom".

Valentina: Meaning "good for health". Valentina is also the female version of 'Valentine'.

Viola: Viola translates to "violet" in Latin and Scandinavian.

Vivian: Vivian should be on your shortlist if you prefer a name that celebrates and rejoices in your newborn baby girl. Vivian simply means "alive". 

Religious and Spiritual Latin Names for Girls

Arabella: Parents who are looking for a deeply-meaningful and joyful name that has religious connotations will appreciate this one. Arabella translates to "answered prayer".

Ariana: This name pertains to a "most holy" daughter.

Aurora: Meaning "Goddess of dawn".

Beatrix: Defined as "blessed".

Camelia: Camelia means "helper to the priest”.

Camilla: By giving your baby girl this title, you convey that she is a "young religious servant".

Celeste: Celeste is a Latin word for "heavenly".

Christianna/Christie: Meaning "follower of Christ".

Clementine: Clementine refers to a "merciful" woman.

Diana: Defined as "heavenly and divine".

Divina: In the same vein, Divina means "divine" and "heavenly".

Eve/Eveline: Meaning "life".

Eliana: An elegant and pious name, Eliana translates to "mercy" in Greek and "my God has answered" in Hebrew.

Gracey: Gracey highlights how much of a "blessing" your newborn daughter is.

Isabella: This beautiful religious name means "consecrated to God" in Hebrew and Spanish.

Joanna: This contemporary title is equivalent to the phrase "God is gracious".

Maria/Mary: Meaning "of the sea".

Mercury: Meaning "God of trade".

Natalia: An excellent choice for baby girls who were born in December (especially during the Christmas period), Natalia is a Latin word for "Christmas Day".

Stella: This elegant and gorgeous name refers to a "celestial star".

Royal and Aristocratic Latin Names for Girls

Areli/Arely: A name that shows that your daughter is "golden".

Aimee: Meaning "beloved".

Carina: Carina also implies that your baby girl will grow up to be a "beloved" person.

Felicia: Felicia signifies that you have a "fortunate", "lucky", and "happy" daughter.

Joycelyn: Joycelyn means "lord". Moreover, it could be used to describe "a member of the German tribe, the Gauts". The Gauts were one of the main tribes that ruled Scandinavia during the Middle Ages.

Juno: If you are looking for a royal name for a baby girl, this may be a perfect choice. Juno means "young" and "queen".

Klarissa: Klarissa translates to "bright" and "famous".

Laura: Meaning "laurel".

Maxine: Defined as "greatest".

Patricia: Patricia translates to "noble".

Priscilla: Priscilla symbolizes an "ancient" and "venerable" girl.

Regina: Regina is the Latin word for "queen".

Saige: Meaning "wealthy" and "wise".

Trisha: Trisha showcases that you have a "noble" daughter.

Veronika: This name pertains to a "victory bringer".

Victoria: An aristocratic and contemporary name, Victoria is defined as "victory".

Do you have a taste for aristocracy and royalty? How important are religion and spirituality to you when picking a name for your baby girl? Would you prefer a common and popular name?

Regardless of which of those apply to you, our list of Latin names for girls has got you covered!

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