Kanye’s Name Changes Throughout the Years

July 11, 2021

Kanye West has changed his name many times during his career, and he has worn just as many professional hats during those years of life in the public eye. 

There are not many famous people who have had as many names as he has throughout his career, and it can be hard to track when each name was being used when you look back.

If you have ever wondered when Kanye changed from one name to the next, read on and we will break down the changes for you!

Kanye’s Names Over the Years

Kanye was born Kanye Omari West in Georgia. He changed his name to Yeezy around the time that he was dating Kim Kardashian, and then transitioned to Ye a couple of years ago. Yeezy was a nickname coined by Jay-Z and was a shortening of “Kanyeezy”. The change to “Ye” was to indicate that this universal name in the bible spoke strongly to Kanye as he transitioned into his new role as a spiritual leader of his church.

Kanye has also been called Yeezus due to his church sermons and he was called Louis Vitton Don after he used the line to refer to himself in a 2004 song lyric. He has also been Called Saint Pablo due to the naming of his album The Life of Pablo. The rapper said that this name spoke to him because Pablo Escobar and Saint Paul each had had a significant impact on the world and he wanted to encapsulate that set of experiences.

Even his most recent statement that he might change his name again was met with real consideration by his fans. They know that Kanye is no stranger to remaking himself when he thinks that it is time for a change!

Kanye is No Stranger to Interesting Names

Kanye has brought his unique naming methods into the process of naming his children as well. His oldest child is North West, and he has also named the remaining children with plays on words related to his last name. Saint West, Psalm West, and Chicago West are the names of his other three children.

Kanye has been clear that the youngest three children’s names were chosen related to Native American words, bible passages, and psalms. All of the names of his children were selected because they spoke to him on a personal level and because he felt that the names would guide the futures of his children.

Kanye’s Newest Name Change

Kanye recently said that he is planning to change his name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West. This may have been a joke more than a true plan. The statement was made when he was defending his other name changes on a talk show.

Kanye has never shied away from changing his name in the past, so it would be completely in character for him to do so based on this one comment. Having born legal names that were related to nicknames and album cover names, there is nothing that would stop Kanye from changing his name to match the slightly sarcastic statement that he made publicly when questioned about his new ventures into fashion and church leadership.

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