Italian Names for Girls

December 31, 2020

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Italian girls names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Italian baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Italian sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Italian names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Italian names for girls.

  1. Alessia

    Alessia is an Italian form of “Alexis”, which means “defender”. It was the number 2 name for Italian girls born in 2006 and is the name of some great Italian athletes.

  2. Amalia

    The name Amalia is Italian, but it is also popular in Germany, Spain, Greece, and Sweden. The name means “diligent”.

  3. Antonia

    Antonia is the Italian, feminine form of the boy’s name “Antony”. It means “priceless” and “beautiful”, and the name belongs to many historical figures and modern famous people.

  4. Bella

    The name Bella means “beautiful” and is sometimes used as a nickname for “Isabella” or “Arabella”. It is a highly popular baby name across the world.

  5. Bianca

    This Italian girl’s name means “white”. It is the Italian version of the name “Blanche” and features in two of Shakespeare’s plays.

  6. Caprice

    Caprice means “whimsical” and may also be stylized as “Capricia”. The name has its initial origins in the Italian word “capriccio”.

  7. Carlota

    This popular Italian name means “free man”. Carlota is an Italian variant of the names “Charlotte”, “Caroline”, and “Carol”.

  8. Carina

    Carina means “beloved” or “dear” in Italian. The name was given to a southern constellation that includes Canopus, the brightest visible star in the sky.

  9. Cecilia

    The name Cecilia became popular in the 18th century. It was the name of a 3rd century Christian saint and gained its popularity when she was canonized.

  10.  Chiara

    Chiara means “clear” or “bright” and is the Italian form of “Clara”. It gained popularity after the canonization of Saint Chiara, a follower of Saint Francis of Assisi.

  11.  Daniela

    This name is the feminine form of “Daniel”. Daniela means “God is my judge”, and is popular throughout Eastern Europe.

  12. Damina

    Damina is the feminine form of “Damian”, meaning “to overcome”. Saint Damian is the patron of physicians, and the name Damiana became popular during his time.

  13. Elettra

    Elettra means “amber”. It comes from the Greek name “Electra”, which belonged to a princess in Greek mythology.

  14. Elisabetta

    Elisabetta is the Italian version of “Elizabeth”, which means “pledged to God”. It is one of the most common Italian names.

  15. Fiorella

    This girl’s name means “little flower” in Italian. It is similar to names like “Florence” and “Flora”.

  16. Francesca

    This name is particularly popular in Italy right now. Francesca means “free” or “French”.

  17. Gaia

    This Italian girl’s name means “cheerful” or “lively”. It is also the name of the earth goddess of Greek mythology.

  18. Gemma

    Gemma is a Medieval Italian name that means “precious stone”. One famous namesake was the wife of Dante Alighieri.

  19. Giovanna

    Giovanna is a popular Italian girl’s name that is related to “Johanna”. The name has belonged to Italian nobility and saints throughout history.

  20. Giulia

    Giulia is an Italian form of “Julia”. The name means “youthful” or “child of Jove” and has been the name of Christian saints as well as Italian noblewomen.

  21. Lidia

    Lidia means “from Lydia”. The ancient kingdom of Lydia was in Asia Minor, and the name “Lydia” belonged to one of the first female converts to Christianity.

  22. Loreta

    Loreta is the feminine version of the name “Loreto”, meaning “laurel grove”. Italian variations include “Loretta” and “Lorita”.

  23. Lucia

    This Italian form of the name “Lucy” means “light”. The name belonged to a Christian saint, as well as to many artists and religious figures.

  24. Luna

    Luna literally means “the moon” in Italian. An ancient Roman goddess of the moon had the same name.

  25. Madonna

    Madonna is an Italian name associated with the Virgin Mary. It means “my lady” and is the given name of many famous women.

  26. Martina

    Martina means “dedicated to Mars” or “warrior”. The name belonged to a Byzantine empress and a Christian martyr of the 3rd century.

  27. Micaela

    This is the girl’s version of the popular boy’s name “Michael”. It means “who is like God” and is a popular name in many countries.

  28. Natalia

    Natalia is an Italian name that means “Christmas”. It is popular in Eastern Europe and became popular in the US in the 1970s.

  29. Nerina

    This Italian name comes from the Greek name “Nereida”, which was a name given to mythological sea spirits. It is a popular Italian name with literary roots.

  30. Ofelia

    Ofelia is the Italian spelling of “Ophelia”. It comes from a Greek word meaning “help” or “advantage” and likely came into usage in the 15th century.

  31. Oriana

    Oriana comes from the Latin word for “gold” and was the name of a princess from English legend.

  32. Ornella

    Ornella is a name that was coined in 1904 by Gabrielle d’Annunzio for his novel. It comes from the Italian word for a flowering ash tree.

  33. Palmira

    This feminine derivative of “Palmiro” means “pilgrim”. It was a traditional Medieval title for people who had made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

  34. Pia

    The Italian name Pia means “pious” or “from Mount Olympus” and is the name of many modern politicians and actresses.

  35. Priscilla

    Priscilla is a diminutive version of the name “Prisca”. It is a Biblical name with Corinthian origins that has been the name of two saints and a US First Lady.

  36. Regina

    Regina means “queen” in Italian. It is a popular Christian name and was commonly used to refer to the Virgin Mary during the Middle Ages.

  37. Renata

    Popular among Spanish and Italian families, Renata is a name meaning “reborn”. It reached the peak of its popularity in the 19th century.

  38. Rosalba

    The name Rosalba means “white rose”. “Alba” is a popular nickname, and one notable bearer was Italian artist Rosalba Carriera.

  39. Serafina

    This baby name means “ardent” or “firey one”. It is popular in both Italian and Spanish communities.

  40.  Sienna

    Sienna is currently most popular in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, but its roots are Italian. The name refers to a city in Tuscany of the same name.

  41. Silvia

    Silvia has been popular since Medieval times. It was the name of the mother of Romulus and Remus, the name of a saint, and the name of Pope Gregory the Great’s mother.

  42.  Stella

    This traditional Italian girl’s name means “star”. It got a moment in the spotlight in the “Stella” scene of the movie “A Streetcar Called Desire”.

  43. Sophia

    Sophia is an Italian name that belonged to the famous 1960s Italian actress Sofia Loren. It means “wisdom”.

  44. Tatiana

    Tatiana is the female variant of the Roman name “Tatianus”. It is particularly popular in Italy, Russia, and much of Eastern Europe.

  45. Teodora

    Teodora is the Italian form of the Greek name “Theodora”. It means “gift of God” and has been a common name throughout Eastern Europe for centuries.

  46.  Valentina

    This Italian name is the feminine form of the Roman name “Valentinus”. The name means “healthy” and “strong”.

  47. Valeria

    The name Valeria belonged to a 2nd century Roman Catholic saint. It means “to be brave”.

  48. Viola

    Viola was the name of the heroine in Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”. It means “violet” in Italian.

  49. Ylenia

    Ylenia is the Italian form of the Greek name “Helen”. The name means “moon” or “light”.

  50. Zita

    Zita comes from Tuscan Italian and means “little girl”. It was the name of a 13th century Italian saint who is the patron of maids and homemakers. 

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