Hebrew Names for Boys

February 27, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Hebrew Names for Boys. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Hebrew name for their baby
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll 
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Hebrew names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Hebrew names for boys.

Hebrew Names for Boys: A-G

  • Aaron: Defined as "exalted" and "strong", Aaron is among the Biblical Hebrew first names. The Prophet Moses's brother was called Aaron.
  • Abraham: In the same vein, Abraham is one of the male Hebrew names that were mentioned in the Old Testament, and it translates to "father of multitude". 'Avram' is a variation of this name, while 'Abe' is the short version.
  • Adam: Included in the list of the hottest Jewish baby names for 2018, Adam means "earth".
  • Ariel: Meaning "lion".
  • Asher: Asher pertains to a "happy" boy, and it was the name of one of Jacob's sons.
  • Benayah/Benayahu: This conveys that "God has built".
  • Benjamin: Another highly-popular masculine Hebrew name, Benjamin was Jacob's youngest male child.
  • Bigvay: In the Old Testament, Bigvay led the returning Babylonian exiles. The name may be a reference to a "gardener" or "husband/man".
  • Bo'az: Meaning "swiftness".
  • Caleb: Caleb represents "devotion to God".
  • Chaniel: This is defined as the "favored of God".
  • Daniel: Spelled as 'Daniyel' in its original Hebrew form, Daniel means "God is my judge".
  • David: Shows that your son is "beloved".
  • Doran: Doran is derived from Greek roots, and the name translates to "gift".
  • Ebron: Parents who live in English-speaking societies may be more familiar with the Anglicized version of Ebron, which is 'Hebron'. The meaning of this name is "alliance" or "association".
  • Eden: Another word for "delight" and "place of pleasure", Eden is a unisex name. It is also the title of Adam and Eve's garden.
  • Elijah: Elijah is a Biblical prophet, a word that means "the Lord is my God", and a common Hebrew name for boys today.
  • Ethan: This highlights that you have a "strong" and "enduring" son.
  • Ezra: Meaning "help".
  • Flint: Flint translates to "shotgun".
  • Gabriel: The Hebrew form of Gabriel is 'Gabriyel', and the name can indicate that your son is a "man/warrior of God".
  • Gal: Gal is a unisex name that means "wave".
  • Gil: A word for "joy".

Hebrew Names for Boys: H-O

  • Haim: Meaning "life".
  • Isaac: Isaac is a renowned Biblical figure, and the name pertains to "laughter".
  • Jacob: Defined as a "supplanter".
  • Jeremiah: Jeremiah can be shortened to 'Jerry', and it means "God has uplifted".
  • Jonathan: Similarly, Jonathan expresses that “God has given”, and the short form of the name is 'Jon'.
  • Lavie: This modernly-popular Hebrew name translates to "lion".
  • Levi: Levi is a word for "to join/unite".
  • Matthew: Another globally-favored Hebrew first name, Matthew signifies that your new son is a "gift of God".
  • Michael: In the Bible, Michael was an angel. The name symbolizes that you have a boy "who is like God".
  • Mika: Mika is also a Jewish baby name that pertains to someone "who is like God".
  • Mordechai: A Biblical name, Moredchai and his niece, the queen, heroically defended Jewish societies against a potential genocide.
  • Nachman: In Hebrew, Nachman is a "comforter".
  • Noah: Meaning "comfort".
  • Noam: Expresses "tenderness".
  • Omer: This choice is ideal for parents who are looking for deep and sophisticated Hebrew names for boys. Omer is a Jewish ritual, and the word has four meanings: "First-born son", "long-lived", "eloquent and gifted speaker", and "flourishing".
  • Ori: Ori is the equivalent of saying that the newborn boy is "my light".

Hebrew Names for Boys: P-Z

  • Pallw: Pallw refers to a "distinguished" child.
  • Paroh: In the Bible, Paroh was the title of the king of Egypt. The name, which is derived from Egyptian roots, means "great house".
  • Peretz: Peretz is defined as "burst forth".
  • Rab: The Anglicized version of 'Rav', Rab translates to "teacher" or "great".
  • Rabi: Another word for "my teacher".
  • Rafael: This name implies that you have a son "whom God has healed".
  • Samuel: A Biblical prophet and judge, the meaning of Samuel is "name of God".
  • Solomon: Solomon, which can be shortened to 'Sol', is an excellent option for parents who love nicknames. This name was held by the king who constructed the First Temple in Jerusalem, and it is defined as "peace" in Hebrew.
  • Tam: Tam denotes that your child is "complete", "honest", and/or "whole".
  • Tamir/Tamur: An ideal choice for seaside and warm weather enthusiasts, Tamir/Tamur symbolizes the "palm tree".
  • Tiqvah: This unisex name expresses "hope".
  • Uri: Uri is a gorgeous name, and its meaning is "my light".
  • Uriah: This name is synonymous to the phrase "God is my fire".
  • Uzi: Similarly, Uzi translates to "my courage" or "my power", both of which can beautifully suit a baby boy.
  • Uziah: Uziah means "God is my strength".
  • Velvel: This name is defined as "wolf".
  • Vidal: Another fitting pick for a newborn son, Vidal means "alive".
  • Yakiyn: This connotes that you have a child "whom God strengthens".
  • Yamin: Yamin translates to "right hand".
  • Yaniv: Yaniv is a word for the term "he will speak", which is perfect for baby boys.
  • Yaron: Yaron represents the term "to sing and shout".
  • Zach: Zach indicates that you have a "clean" and "pure" son.
  • Zamir: This originally-Arabic name symbolizes the singing of the charming nightingale bird.
  • Zev: Meaning "wolf".
  • Zuri: This lovely name is a way of saying that the child is "my rock". 

Which of those names caught your eye the most? Do you prefer a Biblical, historically-expressive, Anglicized, and/or classical Hebrew name for your son?

Regardless of what your desires are, you can certainly find many beautiful and elegant choices that meet your liking in the list above.

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