How much does it cost to change your name?

The fees for children and adults name change

In the United Kingdom, name changing is possible at any time, but if you were wondering how much does it cost to change your name, you will find all the vital information here. Changing your name is a legal matter and simply by adopting your new name, you can start using it. However, you will need to execute a Deed Poll to update your passport, driving licence, bank accounts and other official documents that need to be in your new name. 


How Much Does It Cost to Change Name on Passport

If you want to change your surname to your spouse or civil partner’s surname, you will need to fill in the relevant forms requesting the name change and show your marriage certificate for your passport or driving licence. Other organisations, such as banks and building societies, will also accept your marriage certificate as a piece of evidence that you have taken your partner’s last name if you are a married woman or a civil partner. 

If you are a married man who is taking his wife’s surname or have decided to double-barrel it, you may prefer to change your name via Deed Poll. Those who want to travel on their honeymoon under their new name should change the name on their passport up to three months before their ceremony. 

The Costs

So, how much does it cost to change your name? Well, applying online for Deed Poll to change your name will cost you £18.50. The same fee applies to an adult and a child. Each additional legal copy will cost £3.75 a piece. The entire application process is done online, but our service is physical. In other words, the hard-copy Deed Poll and any copies will be mailed by post to our customer.  

As you will need a Deed Poll when you are applying for a new passport and driving licence, and updating all of your other documents and records, you will need to have your Deed Poll delivered to you.

All organisations need to be informed about your change of name. This is something you need to do yourself, as there is no organization which can do that for you. Most of these organisations will want to see the original version of your Deed Poll as proof of your new name. 

UK Deed Poll Office has issued thousands of Deed Polls guaranteed to be accepted by all bodies. We provide only the best quality service for our customers. Moreover, we ensure to use the correct legal wording, so you don’t experience any complications or misunderstandings in the future with your issued Deed Poll.  


Child Deed Polls

If you want to change your child’s name, you need to keep in mind that Child Deed Polls are more complex than Deed Polls for adults. In other words, you will need to have the agreement of everyone with parental responsibility for the child or hold a court order. A child’s Deed Poll will cost you £36 when using governmental forms, however, it requires the name change to be enrolled in the Royal Courts of Justice. This enrollment is completely optional. On the other hand, the UK Deed Poll Office costs start from £18.50, which is a more reasonable price for a high-quality service.  

Expected Time to Legally Have a New Name

Also, you probably want to know how long you will have to wait to get a new name. If you’re choosing our name change process, orders will be processed and sent out in one to two business days If you decided to handle the name-changing procedure on your own, you will need to factor in the possibility of extending that period to a much longer one. As you will have to send over your documents or chase the governmental departments, the expected time to have a new name can be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

Other Expenses

Besides knowing how much does it cost to change your name, you will need to be aware of other potential costs. Some of the ones you will need to consider are related to the issuing of your documents with your new name. Just to renew your passport, the total cost of changing name on passport is £72.50. However, you can use your passport with your previous name until it expires, but keep in mind that the name on your airline tickets always need to match the name on your passport. 

When it comes to your driving licence, you will need to immediately change your name, which is completely free if you use Form D1. The only cost here you should be worrying about is the fine if you fail to notify the DLVA of your name change, which is up to  £100.



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