Chinese Names for Girls

March 28, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Chinese Girl's names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Chinese baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Chinese sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Chinese names

Chinese Names for Girls: A-H

Ai: As one of the most gorgeous Chinese female names, Ai means "loving".

Baozhai: Another beautiful title for your baby girl, Baozhai translates to "stockade for treasures".

Biyu: Biyu is a Chinese word for "jasper", which is a precious stone.

Changchang: Meaning "flourishing".

Chen: This name is defined as "the morning".

Dongmei: Dongmei conveys that your daughter is a "younger sister".

Ehuang: A lovely name for a baby girl who was born in August, Ehuang means "August beauty".

Fang: This pertains to an "agreeable" child or, alternatively, "fragrant plants".

Fenfang: Similarly, Fenfang symbolizes "the fragrance of flowers".

Guang: Meaning "light" or "glory".

Hong: Hong represents the color "red", which is an indication of good luck in Chinese culture.

Huan: This name signifies "joy" and "satisfaction".

Chinese Names for Girls: J-P

Jia: Defined as "good", "fine", and "auspicious".

Jiao: Meanwhile, Jiao translates to "delicate", "tender", and "beautiful".

Jinjing: Meaning "bright/clear" or "crystal".

Lan: In Chinese, Lan is a name that pertains to an "orchid".

Lanfen: In the same vein, Lanfen represents an "orchid's fragrance".

Lihua: This name suggests that your daughter is "beautiful and elegant".

Lijuan: Meaning "beautiful and soft".

Liqiu: If you're looking for a perfect name for a baby girl who was born in the Fall, Liqiu is defined as "beautiful autumn".

Mei: A charming and feminine Chinese name for girls, Mei means "a red gem".

Meili: Meili refers to "beautiful and graceful" daughter".

Ngo-kwang: Another ideal name for a child who was born in the summer, Ngo-kwang highlights that your baby girl is an "August beauty".

Niu: Simply put, Niu means "a girl".

O-Huang: Defined as "August beauty", O-Huang is also a suitable pick for a summer-born daughter.

Peizhi: This name pertains to a "respectful" girl.

Chinese Names for Girls: Q-W

Qi: Meaning "wondrous".

Qiang: In Chinese, Qiang symbolizes a "red rose".

Qiao: A lovely title for a "high", "aspiring", and "proud" daughter.

Qingge: A charming name, Qingge means "love song".

Ruolan: This name suggests that your baby girl is "like an orchid".

Ruòxī: Ruòxī is one of the most popular Chinese names. In fact, it was more prominent than any other female name in all of China during January 2022. Parents use it to express that their girls "resemble the night tide".

Shan: This name implies that you have a "virtuous" daughter".

Shuang: Meaning "lively" and "cheerful".

Song: Song connotes to the "pine tree".

Suyin: A straightforward yet elegant name, Suyin translates to "simple sounding".

Ting: This can refer to a "sustaining" baby girl.

Tung-mei: A great option if your daughter was born during the cold months, Tung-mei means "winter plums".

Wenqian: This name highlights that you have a "refined and modest" baby girl.

Chinese Names for Girls: X-Z

Xia: Xia can mean "halo", "vapor", and/or "red sky".

Xiang: Defined as "fragrance" or "incense".

Xiaodan: An adorable name for a baby girl, Xiaodan translates to "little dawn".

Xiaolian: The meaning of Xiaolian, on the other hand, is "little compassionate one".

Xiaoqing: This name implies that your new-born daughter is "blessed with intelligence".

Xifeng: Xifeng symbolizes a "flourishing phoenix".

Xīnyí: Meaning "joy".

Xiu: This cheerful name highlights that you have a "fine" and "beautiful" girl.

Yìhán: The third most popular name in China in January of 2022, Yìhán means "mellow art".

Yǐmò: Meaning "coix bubble". To clarify, coix is a type of plant that's prevalent in China and other regions in Asia and Australia.

Ying: Ying is a title that suggests that your daughter is "clever".

Yīnuò: Yīnuò means "one promise".

Yīnuò: While this name is nearly identical to the previous one, it has its own, distinct definition, which is "follow promise".

Yuan: Yuan translates to "original".

Yue: Yue represents the "moon".

Yun: Meaning "clouds".

Yǔxī: Another word for "night tide speak", Yǔxī is the tenth most popular girls' name in China.

Zhenzhen: A delightful name for your daughter, Zhenzhen conveys that she is "very precious".

Zhilan: This name pertains to the "iris orchid".

Zǐhán: Meanwhile, Zǐhán means "mellow catalpa tree".

Which of these names caught your eye the most? Whether you're a fan of traditional, unique, and/or expressive titles, our list of Chinese names for girls provides you with plenty of options and ideas.

One of them may be your daughter's future title.

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