Chinese Names for Boys

February 27, 2022

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Chinese names for boys. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Chinese name for their baby
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll 
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Chinese names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Chinese names for boys.

Chinese Names for Boys: A-J

  • Ai: Ai is one of the neatest Chinese male names. It means "loving".
  • Aiguo: This is a great choice for expressing your son's love for his country. Aiguo translates to "patriotic", and it is one of the most popular Chinese male names today.
  • An: The name represents "peace".
  • Bai: Bai is another word for "white".
  • Bingwen: Bingwen is befitting for art enthusiasts. This elegant name means "master of arts".
  • Bohai: Bohai translates to "elder brother seas".
  • Bolin: Similarly, the definition of Bolin is "elder brother rain".
  • Chanming: This beautiful name pertains to a baby boy who is "forever bright".
  • Cheng: Cheng indicates that you have a child who is "highly accomplished".
  • Cheung: Simply put, Cheung symbolizes "good luck".
  • Chonglin: Chonglin refers to a "second brother".
  • Chung: Meaning "intelligent".
  • Da: Da also means "intelligent".
  • Dai: This is a sophisticated and deep name for your baby boy. Dai is a sword technique that's used in martial arts.
  • Deming: The name translates to "virtue" and "bright".
  • Dingxiang: This pertains to "stability and fortune".
  • Gang: Gang highlights that your son is "full of strength".
  • Guozhi: Guozhi is one of the most unique Chinese names for boys, and it is synonymous to the term "may the kingdom heal".
  • Hai: The definition of Hai is "originating from the sea".
  • Hàorán: This was among the top ten most popular Chinese names for baby boys during January 2022.
  • Hàoyǔ: In the same vein, this was the second most commonly-used name in China for male infants.
  • Heng: Heng pertains to something that is "eternal".
  • Huan: Meaning "happiness" and "joy".
  • Jaw-long: Jaw-long refers to a son who is "like a dragon".
  • Jing: Jing translates to "the capital city".

Chinese Names for Boys: K-R

  • Kong: This expressive masculine name can mean "sky" or "glorious".
  • Lei: Lei is another word for "thunder".
  • Li: Meaning "upright".
  • Míngzé: This was among Chinese families' top five name choices for boys who were born in the first month of 2022.
  • Mùchén: According to the Ministry of Public Security of China, this was the most popular name in the country for male infants during January 2022.
  • Mùchén: Correspondingly, Mùchén came in third.
  • Mùyáng: Mùyáng ranked as the tenth most popular Chinese name for boys.
  • Nainzu: If you are looking for an eloquent and passionate option, this name translates to "thinking of ancestors".
  • Niu: This means "the ox".
  • Peizhi: Piezhi describes someone who is "respectful".
  • Peng: This lovely and spiritual name pertains to "the roc", a mystical bird that's known for its beauty.
  • Pengfei: Similarly, Pengfei symbolizes the "flight of the roc".
  • Ping: Another word for "tranquil".
  • Qi: A name that shows that you have an "arising" and "wondrous" son.
  • Qiang: This indicates that you have a "strong" boy.
  • Qiao: Qiao may mean "aspiring", "high", or "proud".
  • Qing: Meaning "sky blue".
  • Qingshan: The name stands for "celebrating goodness".
  • Qingsheng: Qingsheng translates to "celebrating birth".
  • Qiqiang: Qiqiang signifies your boy's "enlightenment and strength".
  • Qiu: The definition of Qiu is "autumn".
  • Quan: Quan is a Chinese word for "a spring" of water.
  • Renshu: A deeply expressive name, Renshu symbolizes "benevolent forbearance".
  • Rong: This name represents "honor" and "glory".

Chinese Names for Boys: S-Z

  • Shan: Shan is a reference to "mountains" or "hills".
  • Shanyuan: Meaning "mountain spring".
  • Shi: Shi translates to "mankind".
  • Shirong: A sophisticated and gentle name, Shirong conveys that your son is a "scholar of honor".
  • Song: Song is a word for "pine tree".
  • Tao: A simple yet incredibly-illustrative name, Tao means "the way".
  • Tengfei: Tengfei pertains to "soaring high".
  • Tingfeng: Meaning "thunderbolt peak".
  • Wei: Wei indicates that your boy is "heroic", "high", "lofty", and/or "remarkable", all of which are alluring and charming attributes.
  • Weimin: Another delightful name, Weimin implies that your son is a "people's hero".
  • Weisheng: This name is used to express that "greatness is born".
  • Weiyuan: Weiyuan may be a perfect choice if you value tradition and family heritage because it means "preserving depth".
  • Xiang: Interpreted as "flying" or "soaring".
  • Xianliang: This is defined as "worthy brightness".
  • Xiaobo: Meaning "little wrestler".
  • Xiaojian: Xiaojian translates to "little healthy".
  • Xin: The name represents something that is "new".
  • Xing: Xing symbolizes a "star" or "spark".
  • Yìchén: The fifth most popular male name in China in early 2022.
  • Yìzé: Yìzé was the eighth highest-used masculine Chinese name during January 2022.
  • Yǔxuān: In like manner, this name ranked in ninth place.
  • Yǔzé: Only five Chinese names for boys were used more often than Yǔzé in the first month of 2022.
  • Zengunag: This name connotes that your son is "increasing in brightness".
  • Zhiqiang: Zhiqiang conveys that your kid has a "strong willingness".
  • Zian: A tranquil and calm name, Zian translates to "self/internal peace".
  • Zixin: This name implies that your baby boy is "confident of himself".

Whether you prefer to give your son a first name that describes their character, emotional importance to you, or connection to a natural element (such as Song and pine trees), this list should provide you with a variety of unique, beautiful, and expressive options.

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