Celtic Names for Girls

October 26, 2021

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Celtic Names for Girls. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Celtic baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Celtic sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Celtic names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Celtic Names for Girls.

Breton Names for Girls

Armelle: Armelle is the feminine version of Armel, and it translates to bear (Arz) prince (mael).

Azelice: This name refers to a noble person.

Bleuenn: Meaning white flower.

Briaca: Briaca refers to the one with force and light.

Enora: This Celtic name for girls means honor. 

Katell/Katarin: The Breton versions of Catherine, Katell and Katarin both pertain to a pure girl or woman.

Loana: Loana is the feminine form of Louen. Both names mean a good light.

Tifenn: In Breton, the name Tifenn translates to a manifestation of God.

Yanna: The female version of John in Breton, Yanna's meaning is God is gracious.

Cornish Names for Girls

Chesten: Chesten is the Cornish equivalent of Christine.

Ia: If you are looking for influential and traditional Celtic names for girls, look no further. Ia is the patron saint of St. Ives Igerna and was the mother of King Arthur.

Jenefer: Similarly, Jenefer was the wife of King Arthur. This name is the Cornish version of Guinevere.

Jenna: In the same vein, Jenna is the name Jane in Cornish.

Kaja: This name means daisy.

Kelyn: Kelyn translates to holly.

Kerensa: Kerensa is a Celtic name for girls that means love in Cornish.

Morvoren: The name translates to mermaid, making it a beautiful and unique name for a girl.

Rosen: Simply put, Rosen means rose.

Tamara: In Cornish legend, the River Tamar was given by a person named Tamara. 

Irish Names for Girls

Aisling: This Irish name means imagination.

Alannah: Alannah is originally Gaelic and means little child.

Aoife: Aoife translates to charming.

Betha: The name Betha, which derives from the Gaelic language, means life.

Brianna: Brianna means noble.

Chloe: Chloe is an Irish female name that has Greek roots, and it pertains to the dense green leaves that grow in the spring. Moreover, the meaning of the name Chloe is blooming or fertility in the Greek language.

Claire: Meaning clear and bright, the name Claire is amongst the most popular Irish names for girls. It can be traced back to French origins. 

Eileen: In its traditional Irish format, Eileen comes from the old name Eibhlin, an extraction from Evelyn/Evelina.

Gail: In some cases, Gail can be short for Abigail. However, the name also has Hebrew roots. Gail pertains to rejoicing.

Isabelle: Isabelle means God is my oath.

Jane: Similarly, Jane means God is gracious.

Kayleigh: This name translates to beautiful figure.

Kiara: Kiara is an Irish female name that pertains to a girl with beautiful dark hair.

Leah: The name Leah goes back to Gaelic origins, in which it means the light of the sun.

Maeve: Maeve expresses happiness.

Niamh: This name means shining.

Roisin: In short, Roisin translates to rose.

Saoirse: Saorise pertains to independence.

Shannon: The meaning of Shannon is mystical river.

Sinead: This name means "God is gracious". Sinead is originally Irish and Hebrew.

Tracy: Tracy is used as both a first name for girls and last name in Ireland, and it refers to someone who is a fighter or war-like.

Vanessa: Vanessa means butterfly.

Manx Names for Girls

Aalin: This girls’ name simply means beautiful.

Bahey: Bahey translates to flower.

Bridget: Bridget has two interpretations: Firstly, it means shining. Secondly, Bridget is the name of a saint.

Calybride: Calybride was the name of St. Bridget's servant.

Calycrist, Calycrista: Both of the variations of these Manx names for girls translate to Christ's servant.

Calypatrick: Calypatrick was St. Patrick's servant.

Drema: Drema refers to a girl or woman who endeavors.

Fritha: This means peace.

Grayse: As the name’s pronunciation might suggest, Grayse literally translates to grace.

Joan: Joan also means grace.

Johnet: The female version of John in Manx.

Lora: Lora pertains to sufficiency.

Sheela: This is the Manx variation of Cecilia.

Tosha: The name refers to the first, such as the first-born child.

Vorana: This means great.

Ysbal, Isbal: Both of those names are the Manx version of Isabel.

Scottish Names for Girls

Ainsley: Meaning meadow.

Ainslie: A contemporary first name for girls, Ainslie was originally the name of an ancient family in the Scottish area of Lanarkshire. 

Annabelle: This common female name translates to beautiful and graceful.

Arabella: Arabella, as a first name, has two connotations: It is the name of a village in Scotland and a Scottish variation of Annabella.

Camdyn: This unisex name refers to a person who is from the winding valley.

Cullodena: The Battle of Cullodena is one of the most influential occurrences in Scottish history. The name means from the broken mossy ground.

Eilidh: Eilidh has two translations: Sun and a radiant person.

Elspeth: This is the Scottish version of Elizabeth. The name is interpreted as someone who is chosen by God.

Finella: Finella is a Scottish name that is derived from the Irish name Finola, and it means white shoulder.

Fiona: Fiona pertains to a fair or feminine girl.

Gwyneth: Meaning blessed.

Jackie: This name translates to God has been gracious.

Kay: Kay means fire.

Liusaidh: Liusaidh has three meanings: An elegant person, graceful, and a shining light.

Nessa: Meaning someone who is pure.

Quinn: This name refers to wisdom and intelligence.

Rose: This means flower.

Skye: The roots of this name come from the Scottish Isle of Skye.

Teagan: The meaning of Teagan is poet.

Welsh Names for Girls

Aderyn: This name means bird.

Arial: Arial translates to vigorous.

Banon: Meaning queen.

Cari: Cari is another word for love.

Dwyn: Dwyn is a reference to a pleasant person.

Efa: This name means life.

Elen: Elen translates to light.

Haf: Meaning summer.

Heledd: This Welsh name for girls pertains to goodness.

Heulyn: Heulyn means ray of sunshine.

Jenna/Jenni: Both of these variations mean a white spirit.

Linette: Linette translates to idol.

Lynn: The meaning of Lynn is lake.

Nia: Nia refers to brilliance.

Owena: Owena is a girl who was born to nobility.

Tristana: This name means clamor.

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