Arabic Names for Boys

December 31, 2020

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular Arabic boys' names. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a Arabic baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more Arabic sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular Arabic names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular Arabic names for boys.

  1. Abdullah

    This classic Arabic name means “servant of Allah”. It has belonged to two Jordanian kings and six Islamic Caliphs.

  2. Adnan

    In Arabic, the name Adnan means “settler”. Adnan was supposed to be an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad.

  3. Amir

    Amir means “commander” or “prince”. It was once a title for Arab royalty, but today it is a common given name.

  4. Anwar

    Anwar Sadat was an Egyptian president who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The name Anwar means “brighter” in Arabic.

  5. Bahadur

    Bahadur means “heroic warrior”. It comes from the Turkic word “bagadur” and is common in both Persian and Arabic speaking areas.

  6. Barack

    Barack means “blessing”. This name is best known because of the American president Barack Obama.

  7. Bilal

    This was the name of one of the Prophet Muhammad’s trusted companions. It means “wettening” in Arabic.

  8. Dana

    Used in both Arab and Persian cultures, the name Dana comes from a Persian word meaning “wise”. It was most popular in the 1960s.

  9. Ebrahim

    This Arabic variation of the Hebrew name “Abraham” means “father of many”. It has Biblical and Quranic origins and is popular in religious families.

  10. Esmail

    Esmail is another spelling of “Isma’il”. It means “God will hear” and was the name of one of Abraham’s sons.

  11. Fahim

    Fahim means “intelligent” in Arabic. It may also be spelled as “Faheem” and is the name of two famous Pakistani cricket players.

  12. Faysal

    This name belonged to two kings of Iraq and one king of Saudi Arabia. It is a popular Arabic name meaning “judge” or “arbiter”.

  13. Farid

    Farid ad-Din Attar was a famous 12th century Iranian Sufi poet with this name. It means “unique” in Arabic and Persian.

  14. Faris

    In Arabic, Faris means “knight” or “horseman” and may also be spelled “Fares”. Faris Ramli and Faris Abdalla are two famous footballers with this name.

  15. Faruk

    Also spelled “Faruq” and “Farouk”, this Arabic name means “one who distinguishes between right and wrong”. It was the name of the last King of Egypt and Sudan.

  16. Ghassan

    Ghassan was the name of the founder and first leader of the Arabian Ghassanids. It means “handsome” and “youthful”.

  17. Hakim

    This name means “wise” in Arabic and is one of the 99 names of Allah. Hakim ibn-Hizam was a merchant and companion of the Prophet Muhammad.

  18. Hameed

    Hameed is also spelled as “Hamid” or “Hamit” and means “praiseworthy” in Arabic. It is popular in Muslim and Arabic-speaking families.

  19. Hani

    This Arabic boy’s name means “happy”. Hani Naser, a Jordanian musician, was a famous namesake.

  20. Harun

    Harun is the Arabic version of “Aaron”, which means “warrior”. Harun al-Rashid, a 9th century Abbasid caliph from 1001 Nights, is a notable bearer of the name.

  21. Hassan

    The name Hassan means “handsome” and “benefactor”. Hassan ibn-Thabit was an Islamic poet with this name.

  22. Hilal

    Hilal means “crescent” in Arabic and refers to the crescent moon after the full moon, indicating the start of another Islamic calendar month

  23. Idris

    Idris means “smart” or “to learn” in Arabic. It was the name of two Moroccan kings, a sultan of Perak in Malaysia, and of the only Libyan king.

  24. Ikram

    Ikram comes from the Arabic root word “karuma”, meaning “to be generous”. It is a popular name throughout the Arabic-speaking and Muslim communities.

  25. Isa

    This is the Arabic name for Jesus. It is common among Muslim families since the name is more closely affiliated with the Islamic tradition.

  26. Izz al-Din

    Izz al-Din is an Arabic name meaning “glory of the religion”, referring to Islam specifically. It was the name of the first Mamluk ruler of Egypt.

  27. Jafar

    This Arabic name means “stream”. It belonged to a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad as well as to the sixth Shia iman, Jafar al-Sadiq.

  28. Jamal

    The Egyptian form of this name is “Gamal”. Jamal means “beauty” and has belonged to many famous Arab people.

  29. Juda

    The name Juda comes from the Arabic root word “jada”, meaning “to be excellent”. Judah was the fourth son of Jacob and Leah and the founder of the Tribe of Judah.

  30. Karim

    Karim means “generous” or “noble”. It is one of the 99 names of Allah in the Islamic tradition and a popular name for famous Arab football players.

  31. Khalid

    The name Khalid is very popular throughout Arabic-speaking and Muslim countries. It means “eternal”.

  32. Khayrat

    In Arabic, this name means “good deeds”. The Dala’il al-Khayrat are a collection of 15th century Islamic prayers for the Prophet Muhammad.

  33. Maalik

    Maalik was the name of an angel of Hell and Purgatory in the Islamic tradition. It may mean either “king” or “master”.

  34. Magdi

    This is an Egyptian Arabic name that means “glorious”. Magdi Allam is a notable Egyptian journalist with this name.

  35. Mahmud

    Mahmud is a classical Arabic name meaning “praised”. It was the name of two Ottoman sultans and of the first Muslim ruler of India.

  36. Mustafa

    This name means “the chosen one”. Mustafa Kemal, also known as Atatürk, is a famous bearer of this name.

  37. Nazim

    Nazim Pasha was the Ottoman Chief of Staff for the Ottoman Army during the First Balkan War. The name means “poet”.

  38. Omar

    This is a popular Arabic boy’s name that means “long-lived”. The name may also be spelled “Umar” and belonged to the second Islamic caliph.

  39. Quasim

    Qasim is a traditional name that means “bearer of goods”. It was the name of one of the sons of the Prophet Muhammad.

  40. Rahim

    This name may also be spelled “Raheem”. It means “compassionate” and is one of the 99 names of Allah.

  41. Rais

    Rais was originally a formal title meaning “chief” or “leader”, and today it is sometimes translated as “president” or “boss” in Arabic.

  42. Rashid

    Rashid is a popular Arabic name that means “rightly guided”. It was the name of a 17th century sultan of Morocco and a modern sheikh of the UAE.

  43. Sadiq

    This name means “loyal” or “friend”. Sadiq al-Mahdi was a Sudanese Prime Minister, and Sadiq Khan is the current mayor of London.

  44. Saif al-Din

    Saif al-Din is a religious name meaning “sword of the faith”. It has been the name of many Egyptian sultans as well as a 12th century Ghurid king.

  45. Salah al-Din

    Another religious name, Salah al-Din means “righteousness of religion” and was an honorific name of the founder of the Egyptian Ayyubid dynasty.

  46. Sulaiman

    Sulaiman is a classic boy’s name in Arab and Muslim communities. It means “peace” and belonged to a Mongol prince and the fourth sultan of Brunei.

  47. Tariq

    The name Tariq refers to the morning star, and was the name of an 8th century Islamic general who conquered Spain and made it a part of the Umayyad Dynasty.

  48. Usama

    Usama means “lion” in Arabic and may also be spelled “Oussama”. Usama ibn-Munqidh was a 12th century Syrian historian and warrior.

  49. Yasir

    This name was held by Yasir Arafat, a chairman and president of the Palestine LIberation Organization, as well as by an early Islamic martyr. It means “to be free”.

  50. Zayn

    The name “Zayn” means “grace and beauty”. Zayn Malik is a modern British pop singer with this name.

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