African Names for Girls

October 26, 2021

Welcome to our list of the 50 most popular African names for girls. Each name has a short explanation of its meaning along with a cool fact about the name. 

This list is perfect for:

  • Parents looking for a African baby name
  • People who want to change their name via deed poll to a more African sounding one
  • People who want to find out which are the most popular African names

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So without further interruption here is the list of the 50 most popular African names for girls.

African Names for Girls: A-C

Achor: Achor is one of the most common Dinka names for girls. It is prominent amongst the speakers of a Nilo-Saharan language in South Sudan.

Adebukola: This beautiful Yoruba name means a crown has been added to the wealth.

Ademide: Ademide translates to my joy is here in the Yoruba language.

Adut: This is another Dinka female name that is prevalent in South Sudan.

Akanni: Akanni means a person who is profitable to encounter.

Akech: A South Sudanese Dinka name for girls.

Aker: Aker is also a female Dinka name.

Akinyi: In the Lou language, Akinyi pertains to a baby girl who was born in the morning.

Aluel: Aluel is a widely-used Dinka name.

Amani: Amani is amongst the Swahili names that are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. It pertains to peace and safety.

Amer: This is another South Sudanese Dinka name.

Atiena: In Swahili, Atiena means guardian of the night.

Ayen: Ayen can be added to our list of prominent Dinka names for girls. 

Berhane: Berhane translates to my light in the Afrikaans language.

Bibi: In the same vein, Bibi refers to a daughter of a king or lady.

Bomikazi: In the Xhosa language, Bomikazi means life.

Chebet: This name comes from the Kalenjin language, and it is defined as a girl who was born midday.

Chepkemoi: Similarly, Chepkemoi means a female baby who was born at night in Kalenjin.

Chepkorir: Meaning a girl who was born before sunrise.

Chepyator: Chepyator can either pertain to a first-born child or someone who paves the way. It is also a Kalenjin feminine name. 

Chesang: This name means born outside the house.

Chiamaka: Chiamaka is derived from the Igbo language, and it translates to God is good.

African Names for Girls: D-R

Dada: In Yoruba, Dada is a kid that has curly hair.

Dane: This a feminine version of the name Danae in Afrikaans. It should be noted that many Afrikaans names have European origins, especially Dutch. 

Elize: Similarly, Elize is the Afrikaans format of Elise, and it refers to a person who is consecrated to God.

Elna: Meaning beloved, Elna is the Afrikaans equivalent of Eleonora.

Eziamaka: In Igbo, Eziamaka translates to the family is good.

Fisayo: Fisayo means God has added to my joy in the Yoruba language.

Fundiswa: This unique name for girls is in Xhosa, a branch of the Bantu language family. Fundiswa means smart and educated.

Imani: This Swahili name is derived from the Arabic female name 'Imaan', and it translates to faith.

Imihlali: Imihlali is a Xhosa feminine name that means rejoice.

Jumoke: Jumoke is a beautiful Yoruba name for girls that means everyone loves the child.

Lakicia: This feminine Swahili name is used to refer to a girl who is the favorite amongst the people.

Mava: Mava translates to wisdom and experience in the Xhosa language.

Ndidi: Meaning patience in Igbo.

Ndidimaka: Likewise, Ndidimaka translates to patience is good in Igbo.

Nya: In Swahili, Nya means a friend or companion.

Nyandeng: This is amongst the most popular Dinka names for girls.

Odunayo: In Yoruba, Odunayo means a year of happiness.

Rehema: Rahema is a Swahili feminine name that is growing in popularity across the world, and it pertains to compassion and mercy.

African Names for Girls: S-Z

Sisipho: Sisipho is a Xhosa name for girls, and its meaning is gift.

Sybella: In the Afrikaans language, Sybella translates to oracle or prophetess.

Tabia: The definition of Tabia is a talented person who engages in polite behavior. This name is Swahili.

Taraji: Another Swahili name, Taraji means hope.

Thandolwethu: This translates to our love in Afrikaans.

Tish: The meaning of Tish in Swahili is a strong will or will power.

Tishala: Tishala, meanwhile, refers to a woman or girl with strong will power.

Titilayo: Titilayo pertains to eternal happiness in Yoruba.

Trudene: Meaning spear of strength, Trudene is a common Afrikaans girls’ name.

Ugomma: In Igbo, Ugomma translates to beautiful glory.

Urenna: This female name means a father's glory, pride, or happiness in Igbo.

Zalika: Zalika is a Swahili name for girls that refers to a child who was born well. 

Zuri: Zuri, which is also Swahili, means good and beautiful.

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