Lost Deed Poll

March 23, 2022

If you have lost your deed poll, don't worry! There are steps that you can take to replace it.

In this blog post, we will outline what those steps are. We'll also provide some tips on how to keep your deed poll safe and secure. Follow these steps and you'll be able to replace your lost deed poll in no time!

What to Do If You Lost Your Deed Poll?

If you have lost your deed poll, you will need to get a replacement deed poll. This replacement document is also known as a statutory declaration and can be obtained in one of two ways.

The first way is by going to your local courthouse or registry office and asking for a replacement deed poll form. Once you have filled out the form, you will need to sign it in front of a witness. The replacement deed poll will need to state that you lost the original document and that you are making a replacement.

Another way you can do this by contacting the office that issued your original deed poll and requesting a replacement. You will need to provide them with some basic information, such as your full name and address.

Once you have done that, they will be able to issue you a replacement deed poll.

Let's discuss the difference between an extra copy of a deed poll and a replacement deed poll.

Replacement Deed Poll vs. Extra Copy of Deed Poll

If you have lost your deed poll, you will need to get a replacement deed poll. This document shows you past name changes.

An extra copy of a deed poll is simply that - an extra copy. It is not a replacement for the original document.

An extra copy can be useful if you want to keep one at home and one in your office, for example. But if you have lost your deed poll, you will need to get a replacement deed poll.

How much does a replacement deed poll cost?

The cost of a replacement deed poll is £18.50

How Do I Change My Name?


Ready to Change Your Name?

The UK Deed Poll Office is not a government agency. Our function is purely as a document provider for the self-declaration of an unenrolled deed poll. We are here to assist in your name change journey, as we have done for over 100,000 UK residents.


Join the thousands who have trusted the UK Deed Poll Office to help change their name. Fill out our fast, simple, and affordable online application to receive your Deed Poll in no time!
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