Why Thomas Plant Changed His Name

October 27, 2020

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Who is Thomas Plant?

Thomas Plant is a famous British auctioneer whose primary claim to fame is as the host of the TV programme ‘Bargain Hunters’. He is also a highly rated auctioneer in Newbury, Berkshire. In Britain, Thomas Plant is an expert when it comes to all things antique, but he has special knowledge and expertise regarding jewelry, watches, and silver. 

In 1991, he started working as the Director of Special Auction Services, his own company that he co-manages with partners Neil Shuttleworth and Hugo March.

 Despite his fame as an auctioneer, recently, Thomas got the attention of fans for something completely other than his antiques expertise. Thomas Plant changed his surname to Forrester. Now his fans are wondering why.

Early Life


Thomas Plant was born in 1975 in Britain. He was born into a family of cattle farmers and was a part of the family business from a young age. When attending cattle auctions with his father, Thomas always particularly admired the job of the auctioneer and admits that his dream to become an auctioneer was spurred by these auctions in his childhood.

Thomas also had two grandmothers who were supportive of his interests. One of his grandmothers was an architect. The other was a member of the Women’s Royal Airforce during WWII and had an enduring interest in antique items and auctions. Thomas would regularly go to antique showrooms with his grandmothers when he was young, which fueled his interest further.

Though being an auctioneer was always one of Thomas’s dreams, he also had many other interests when he was growing up. The now famous auctioneer said in a BBC interview that he also was once interested in being a dancer, a chef, a soldier, and even a priest!


After high school, Thomas joined the three years commission with the British Army. He completed his schooling in 1996 and then attended the Southampton Solent University as a student of Fine Art Valuation. While at university, he was the president of the University Fencing Club and was associated with the Society of Fine Arts Auctioneers/Valuers (ASFAV). Later in his career, Thomas also acquired diplomas in jewelry and gemstones from the University to supplement his knowledge.

Work Experience

One of Thomas’s first jobs was as a porter for Philips Auctioneer. He worked seven years at Philips Auctioneer and acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience with the antique and auction industries that he used later on the show Bargain Hunters. Thomas became an auctioneer and valuer at Philips Auctioneer as well as the head of the Ceramics department before moving on to other projects.

Thomas Plant also worked as a part of the auctioneering team at Tunbridge Wells in Kent and Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex. His expertise in jewelry and silver comes from his time working in the Jewelry and Silver department at Gorrigne’s. Currently, Thomas is the Director of Special Auction Services in Newbury, Berkshire and the host of multiple British television programmes. Other than Bargain Hunters, Thomas also is the host for ‘The Antique Road Trip’ and ‘Flog It.’

TV Work with Bargain Hunters

Bargain Hunters is a popular British television programme where two pairs of contestants are challenged to purchase antique items and then successfully sell them for a profit at an auction. The programme has been running since 2000 on the BBC One network and has 57 series and over 2000 episodes as of April 2020.

Thomas Plant was the third presenter on Bargain Hunters. He first appeared on the programme on January 25, 2016. He is also a regular expert on the show and he provides advice and information for both viewers and contestants. There are also many other experts on the show, but Thomas is among one of the most loved and respected by Bargain Hunters fans.

When and Why Did Thomas Plant Switch His Name?

There are a number of theories floating around out there about why Thomas Plant changed his name to Thomas Forrester. The most obvious theory is that he changed his name after getting married to Jessica Forrester, a fellow auctioneer. But fans are still confused because this isn’t Thomas’ first marriage. Previously, he was married to a woman named Angela.

He and Angela were married in 2006 and they lived together in Cowley with their twin daughters according to the Oxford Mail. His daughters were born in 2010 and some people speculate that Thomas separated from Angela sometime after that and is now remarried to Jessica. But whether Thomas and Jessica Forrester are now married or not has not yet been officially confirmed.  A Newbury Today article noted that Thomas lives with his wife, but the author did not mention his wife’s name.

Thomas has not yet explained to the press why he changed his surname to Forrester. Nonetheless, this is the name he has been going by for some time now and he felt it was time to update his details to avoid further confusion.Though his fans will likely always know him as Thomas Plant, the famous TV auctioneer with encyclopedic knowledge about antiques, in truth his name is now Thomas Forrrester. For now, the reason why he changed his name will have to remain a mystery.

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