Apply on behalf of another adult, send deed poll to their address

I want to give a friend a present of a Deed Poll. Can I apply on behalf of another adult, and can the Deed Poll come to their address and be a complete surprise?

Yes, you can apply for a Deed Poll for a friend, if you think that they want to change their name.  If you want us to send the Deed Poll and documents directly to them, we would advise that you discuss with them what they must do to make their name change effective.  The Deed Poll documents will include a page of instructions on how to sign, date and witness the Deed Poll (in legal terms this is called “execution”), and also a draft covering letter and list of organisations that your friend should consider notifying of their change of name.  However, you should be aware that, if your friend requires any changes to be made to the proposed new name, they will have to make an entirely new application with us.