Types of Deed Poll

March 7, 2022

When it comes to changing your name, there are a few different options available to you. One of those options is a deed poll.

A deed poll is a legal document that allows you to change your name and/or the name of your child. In this article, we will discuss the different types of deed polls available and what they are used for.

What are the Different Types of Deed Polls?

There are many types of deed polls. Here are the most common ones and what they can be used for.

Standard Deed Poll

This is the most common type of deed poll. It can be used to change your name or the name of your child.

You can also change your title with a standard deed poll.

Replacement Deed Poll

A replacement deed poll is used when you have lost your original deed poll.

It will include an additional declaration that states you have been using your current name since the date you first changed your name.

Complex Deed Poll

A complex deed poll is used when this is not the first name change.

For example, you changed your name after you were married and now you are getting divorced or remarried.

The deed poll will list all previous name changes but should be signed in the name you are currently changing to.

Physically Impaired Deed Poll

A physically impaired deed poll is for those who are unable to sign their name or for someone who is blind.

The wording on the deed poll will be modified so that someone else can sign the deed poll on your behalf. The person signing on your behalf will need to provide proof of their identity and relationship to you.

Enrolled Deed Poll

An enrolled deed poll is a registered deed poll. This means that it is a public record and can be used as evidence of your name change.

The deed poll will be voluntarily registered with the Royal Courts of Justice and a copy will be kept on file.

When the deed poll is registered, it becomes a public record. It gets published on the Internet and in a government publication like the London Gazette or the Belfast Gazette.

A copy is also placed in either the National Archives in Richmond, Surrey or in the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast.

Unenrolled Deed Poll

An unenrolled deed poll is not registered. It is used when you do not need to change your name for official purposes.

It is a private document and is not published anywhere. The only people who will have a copy are you, the deed poll provider, and any witnesses who sign the deed poll.

Copy Deed Poll

This is a certified copy of your original deed poll. It can be used as proof that you have changed your name.

You can get a copy deed poll from the deed poll provider, the court, or the National Archives.

DIY Deed Poll

A DIY deed poll is a deed poll that you create yourself. It is not recommended as it may not be accepted by some government agencies or organizations.

If you do decide to create your own deed poll, make sure you include all the required information and have it witnessed by two adults who are not related to you.

Choosing the Right Deed Poll

When choosing the type of deed poll, you need to consider why you are changing your name and what you will use it for.

If you are just using it for personal reasons, then a standard deed poll is probably best. If you need to change your name for official purposes, then an enrolled deed poll is the way to go.

If you are unable to sign your name, then a physically impaired deed poll is necessary. If you want to keep the change of name private, then an unenrolled deed poll is best.


There are many types of deed polls available to suit your needs. Be sure to choose the right one for you so that there are no issues later on.

How Do I Change My Name?


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