Name Change Info for Trans People | Change Name by Depol

Info on How to Change Your Name Legally for Trans People

You have a legal right to change your title to Miss, Ms or Mrs when you change your name. You can apply for a deed poll if you have decided to acquire a certain gender for your life. This deed poll will help you to change your title on all your documents.

Please note, that deed poll does not certify the change of your gender. In order to legally change your gender you need to obtain Gender Recognition Certificate. Also, changing your title does not signify a change in your marital status. Adding Mrs to your title does not make you a married person.

How to apply

Apply now using our fast, simple and secure online application form and make payment with Paypal or Credit Card.
Once we have received your order we will print your Deed Poll and have it sent out on the same day via Royal Mail 1st class completely free of charge within UK.
Once you have received your Deed Poll kit, you should get it signed and witnessed in accordance with our guidance notes supplied to you with the order kit.