Got married and taking husband’s surname but use maiden at work

Marriage – I’ve just got married and I want to take my husband’s surname, but I also want to keep using my maiden name at work. Can I do that?

Yes you can do that, and you will not need to apply for a Deed Poll to change your name and use your husband’s surname, as long as you are not changing your husband’s surname in any way.  However, you will need your original Marriage Certificate to update your records with all relevant record-holders.  If you intend to travel abroad, for instance, you will need to renew your passport.  You can renew your passport by filling in the relevant application form and sending the specified documents and photographs to HM Passport Office.  You will be able to state on the application form that you are continuing to use your maiden name professionally, and HM Passport Office will put an observation on your new passport to this effect.

If you do not have your original Marriage Certificate to send to record-holders, you can apply for a Deed Poll with us, and send the original Deed Poll (or a duplicate copy) to record-holders when you ask them to amend their records.  Alternatively, you can obtain a replacement of your Marriage Certificate from the General Register Office.  The current fee for any replacement Certificate is £9.25 and you can apply for them online at

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