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Registration – Do I have to register my deed poll?

You do not need to register your Deed Poll.

However, you should always keep the original safe, and we suggest you keep it with your Birth Certificate.

It is possible to “enrol” a Deed Poll at the Supreme Court of Judicature.  This would make a public record of your change of name, but would not make it more legally effective.  We would not recommend enrolment of your Deed Poll, for the following reasons:

  • To enrol your Deed Poll, you would have to ask a solicitor to draft the deed poll for you.  This is because the Deed Poll would then need some special clauses which a solicitor would advise you about.  As a result, the process of changing your name would be more expensive and much slower.
  • If you are married or in a civil partnership, you would have to get the written consent of your spouse or partner.
  • The court fees of an enrolment are substantial, currently £102.  This would be in addition to any solicitor’s fees for preparing the Deed Poll.
  • Upon enrolment, the details of your name change and your address would be published in the London Gazette and would be open to public inspection.  This is something you may want to avoid, especially if you are changing your name in order to prevent someone finding you.
  • For further information, please go to the Deed Poll Information list at the top left of this page, and click on “Registration”.