Can I notify everyone of my change of name by sending photocopies

Can I notify everyone of my change of name by sending out photocopies of my Deed Poll instead of sending the original?

Most record-holders will require you to send them the original Deed Poll – a photocopy will often not be sufficient.  As a result, we will provide you with “duplicate copies” for an extra £1 each and most of our customers will order at least 10-15 duplicate copies when they apply for a Deed Poll.  As long as these duplicate copies are signed and witnessed, or “executed” in the same way, they will be treated like the original.  When we send your Deed Poll to you, we will also enclose some further documents to help you to notify everyone of your change of name.  These documents will include a page of information, describing exactly how you should sign your Deed Poll, date it and have it witnessed.  These documents will also include a list of organisations that you should consider notifying, and a sample covering letter that you can copy and adapt for each organisation that you decide to notify.

For more information, please go to the Deed Poll Information list at the top left of this page, and click on “Who Do I Tell?”