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Certified/Legalised/Duplicate Copies – How many copies will I need?

  • Many record holders will want to see the original Deed Poll. For instance the DVLA, HM Passport Office, banks and building societies. For more information, please check- “Who do I tell?
  • We will, along with your Deed Poll, send you a list of organisations you will need to consider notifying.
  • Most people will need at least 10 duplicate copies, as it is then possible to notify many record-holders at the same time and this will speed up the process.
  • You can choose how many duplicate copies you need when you order.
  • Each duplicate copy costs an additional £1.00 when you order your Deed Poll.
  • After we have processed your Deed Poll we will not be able to produce any copies for you.
  • You should execute (sign, date and witness) the original Deed Poll and ALL of the duplicate copies at the same time.
  • If, at a later date, you find that you need a “certified copy”, you will have to take the original (or a duplicate copy if you applied for your Deed Poll from us) to a solicitor, notary public, Commissioner for Oaths or Justice of the Peace, and pay them a fee to provide you with it.  For more information, click on the “Certified/Legalised/Duplicate Copies” tab in the Deed Poll Information List at the top left of this page.